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How to Convert 100 Dollars to Naira – How much is 100 dollars in Naira

    Naira was one of the biggest currency in Africa, and today, we will slowly and cautiously checkout the exchange rate for 100 dollars to Naira.

    Thanks to the quick results out there, you can easily convert dollar to Naira, and even Naira to dollar without any hassles and stress.

    If you are wondering about the dollar to Naira bank rate today, then you should not be worried, because we have got you covered.

    Before we check the 100 dollars to Naira exchange rate, they are few details about Naira, you should consider. Lets get started with what you should know.

    About Naira

    Before we begin, you should know that the Naira sign or symbol is ₦, while the Naira code: NGN. Of course, it is the currency of Nigeria, no one needs to tell you that.

    However, for the shocking aspect, it is being subdivided into 100 kobo. For history purposes, you should know that the Naira was introduced on 1st of January 1973, which replaced the pound at a rate of 2 naira = 1 pound.

    After the introduction of Naira, Nigeria’s former British colony was left to abandon the £sd currency system in favour of the decimal currency system.

    During that reign and time, they wanted to re-denominate the naira at 1 new naira = 100 old naira in 2008, but it was suspended indefinitely.

    Well, during the introduction of Naira, and few years aback in the 1990s to 2000s, we can confirm that the Naira has more significant than now.

    Mostly, everything changed When the 1000 Naira note was introduced. However, the name Naira is simply a contraction of “Nigeria”, while the subdivision, Kobo, is a local pronunciation of English “copper.”

    But as of today, both Naira and dollar has changed radically, the value of Naira has decreased effectively. Which is much more like a mockery in this century!

    100 Dollars to Naira

    Convert 100 dollars to Naira

    In order to convert 100 dollar to Naira, you need to know the current exchange rate, as already aforementioned.

    After getting or knowing the legit information from any verified daily Naira exchange rate website, then you can calculate it by 100 USD.

    For instant, if the current dollar to Naira exchange is N360 to 1 US dollar. Then multiply US 100 x N360, which is N36,000.

    Even if the exchange rate is US 250, multiply it by N100. Which is US 250 X N100, gives you N25,000. Well, the current dollar to Naira exchange rate is fluctuating.

    The same calculation even goes for 200 dollars to naira, multiply it by the latest

    What you need to know

    In order to convert 100 dollars to Naira, you have to know the current exchange rate in Nigeria. Lets find out the current Dollar to Naira Rate Black Market.

    During the reign of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, and Goodluck Jonathan, the Naira to dollar exchange was encouraging, and we remained the Giant of Africa.

    But since the month of May, 2015, after President Muhammadu Buhari inauguration, the Nigerian dollar exchange rate rose x2, this was discouraging.

    This is NOT a political website, but a short reason why our exchange rate is so high to the brim. Double of the first standard.