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Top 20 Must-have tech accessories under N2500

    There are a lot of cheap and amazing tech accessories you can get right now, for either your laptop, Smartphone, game consoles and many more.

    It is true that Technology can get expensive, but even the most useful tech doesn’t have to cost that much. You can get as many tech accessories you want under N2500.

    At times, the most important technology accessories isn’t that costly, just people are afraid to get near it or touch it but trust me, it isn’t as costly and expensive as you thought. Lets give our hearts time to think for themselves.

    20 Must-have tech accessories under N2500

    These 20 products will keep your devices charged and safe, while also keeping you entertained and free from clutter. Lets get started.

    1. 3D Smartphone Magnifier

    Do you have Android Smartphone and you really want to see yourself enjoying it on a tablet? Then this 3D Magnifier is the best for you!

    3D Smartphone Magnifier

    It is quite impressive and breath-taking and worth risking. You don’t have anything to loose, it is just about gain gain gain. Would you believe how much it costs? Well, it cost just N1000, available on both Jumia, Konga, Kaymu, Amazon & others.

    It is suitable For All Mobile Phone, you do not use hard wipe to scratch the lens and it also Magnifies Screen 4x. It is Light Weight, all for N1k

    Review from Company;

    This 3D Smartphone Magnifier is simply light weight, elegant small size and very easy to carry. It is more than suitable for various indoor and outdoor activities like camping etc.

    This 3D Smartphone Magnifier will make your screen size 4times bigger than the normal screen size. It gives you a clear and vivid picture quality. It does not require an extra cost for power, just an amplification optical technology that magnifies your small size mobile phone to the size of a tablet.

    Finally it’s suitable for all kinds of mobile phone. Please avoid using in direct sunlight or strong light, because it will not be clear. It will display better in the dark light environment. Do not use hard wipe to scratch the lens, when not in use, please use a soft cloth to protect the lens.

    2. 3 in 1 Phone Camera Lens

    Many call it Fish Eye! With this 3-in-1 Phone camera, you can capture the amazing and perfect shot without getting closer. It is too expensive, just N800! What are you waiting for. On Both Konga and Jumia.

    With the 3 in 1 fisheye phone lens, you can see the image with the range of more than 180 degrees from the right to left on your phone, meaning you can take in more within the picture.

    3 in 1 phone camera

    To use the wide angle, simply attach both lenses to the case provided. To use the macro lens, simply unscrew the wide angle lens.Three great lenses in one kit: The fisheye, macro and wide angle lenses give you an array of shooting options to help you enhance your mobile photography.Universal lens clip.

    3. Cell Phone Clip Holder

    It is just Simple & Generous appearance, all-purpose designed. However, it is also Solid quality made ABS+PVC+Silicone, long durability, anti-shock, anti-deformation.

    .Cell Phone Clip Holder

    And it can be Fully adjustable with 360° rotation and tilt, can be adjusted at any angle to suit you need. One more importantly, it Fit for most mobile phone. Note that, the longest extension distance of the stand is 700mm. All for N2500.

    If you keep your phone or tablet sitting on your desk, it’s worth investing in a stand. The Cell Phone Clip Holder Stand have Flexible Long Arms, can be clipped onto any desk, bed headboard, chair, wall cabinet.Satisfy your needs whatever you are at home or on the go.

    4. 360 Rotating Car Wind Shied Mount Holder For GPS/Phones

    It almost like the above equipment, but you really have to take your time, because it is among the most wanted item when it comes to having the top must wanted tech accessories.

    360 Rotating Car Wind Shied Mount Holder For Phones

    It is a Rubber pads on the arm to protect your beloved device from scratches. And it can be fully adjustable with 360 degree rotation for quick portrait and landscape views. Guess how much, it is just N2,250.

    It has a powerful suction, super pulling force, can mount on any surface such as windshield, dash board, desk and so on. Mounts all cellphones, MP4 and GPS devices up to 5-inch screens and it is durable.

    5. USB phone charger for your car

    This is one of the must use tech accessory and it is very essential in the current century especially when the country or state has low supply of current, hence, another source is using the car energy.

    USB phone charger for your car

    This USB Car charger for mobile electronic devices such as HTC, Apple, Iphones, Samsung, Motorola , Toshiba, Blackberry, Nokia, Sonyerisson, LG and Panasonic phones. This is just N2500 and it is available on all online shopping portal including Jumia, Konga.

    6. Light Wave Internet Webcam

    With this Light Wave Internet Webcam, you can control your office or home. We are all aware of the features of a webcam.

    It has a 7MP Interpolated, alongside with a Internet WebCam, 6 LED lights and Adjustable Lens. Light wave webcam offers high quality images at high pixel speed. It can also be used for conferencing purposes.

    Light Wave Internet Webcam

    With it’s adjustable features to almost any angle,It clips to laptop or LCD screen or can perch on a desk easily. It is just N2500 and it is available on all online shopping portal including Jumia, Konga.

    7. Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

    This Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Headphone Headset is really amazing and wonderfully made. It works well on Bluetooth 4.0 and it is a Wireless Headphone Headset Mini Invisible Earpiece Ultra-small S530 Earphone.

    Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Headphone Headset

    It arrives with a built-in 50mAh polymer battery.Up to 4 hours of continuous talk time, 3.5 hours of music time. Also comes with a built-in DSP audio processing system, Eliminate Noise and Echo. Bluetooth Earphone Headset is almost invisible when worn.

    Bluetooth earphone supports multipoint connections: It can connect two mobile phones at the same time and ready to answer the incoming call of one phone any time.

    Bluetooth earphone headset is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled device – mobile phones,music players,portable gaming devices,and computers. The Bluetooth Earphone Headset S530 will connect automatically with a phone paired previously.

    Pairing Instruction: Once Charged, hold down the power button of the headset for about 4-6 seconds or longer until you see the Blue & Red Light blink alternately or hear a beat. All for N2500.

    8. A Screen Protector

    Just got a new Android Smartphone or iPhone? or are you using a retired screen protector? Then this item is the best tech accessory suggestion right now.

    screen protector

    These screen protectors are made of glass, so they’ll be able to withstand a small drop and keep your phone’s screen from getting scratched by keys. And it cost N1000

    9. A Phone Case

    A case will keep the back of your phone from getting scratched without changing how your phone fits in your hand and pocket. for N1500

    phone case

    With your phone case on, trust me, you will never see a scratch on your phone and you may definitely love it.

    10. Micro Qi Wireless Charger Pad

    Doesn’t work well on all phone. But it definitely works fine for all Samsung S6, S7 & iPhone 5s,6/7 and others that arrive with a Qi Wireless feature and of course, most of the phone do not arrive with such feature.

    Samsung Wireless Charger

    The new portable Qi-abled wireless charger pad can be used for QI standard receiver. For Qi-marked devices,you just need to put them on the wireless charger pad,it will work well,and for some other without Qi mark, you need a wireless charge reciver for you phone.

    Mobile phone is without plug when charging, which is more convenient and efficient. It can bring you with limitless life experience as well as safe and free experience with wireless charging function. Get it now for N2500.

    11. 4-Port USB Hub

    Looking for space to plug in your smartphone and you finds out that you have run out of space? then this 4-port USB hub will probably do the trick.

    4-Port USB Charger

    It is really amazing because these are USB 3.0 ports, which are significantly faster than older USB 2.0 ports. You’ll notice that difference the most if you connect an external hard drive to this hub for backups. For N2500.

    12. 4-Port USB Charger

    Cool right? Four people can charge their devices at once, and at 20W this adapter may charge your devices more quickly than the one that comes in the box.

    charger adapter

    It probably won’t be unplugged often, but if you want to grab this adapter when going on a trip, it has a fold-able plug to keep it from getting damaged. For N2500.

    13. Wireless Mouse

    This wireless mouse isn’t truly wireless, it still requires a small USB receiver to be plugged into your computer.

    wireless mouse

    Get used to a wireless mouse, they are great to use whenever, but they’re especially useful when you travel. Although, i started using a wireless mouse since 2015 but i was duped because I have never came in contact with it, the price was high but it was worth it. Just N2500.

    14. A Selfie Stick; A fantasy way of putting your phone on a customized stick and press a button or you can time it up for few seconds and place it – Just N700 to N1500.

    15. Earpiece or Headphone; We all know what is the work of ear pod or headphone – Just N500 to N1500.

    16. Power Banks; An extensive way of charging your smartphone without looking for NEPA, although, you will have to plug it first on the NEPA to charge it first. It is mobile. – Just N800 to N2500.

    17. Flash Drive; It has 4GB, 8GB,32GB, 64GB but remember, the higher the GB, the higher the price. Flash drive is used to store some files – Just N1500 to N2500

    18. Sports Arm Band Case for Phones; Just as the names implies, it is a arm band that can be used to hold your smartphone to your arm – Just N2000.

    20. Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Box; It is not just an Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Box, it also arrives with a SD Card Slot and FM Radio Inbuilt – Just N2500.

    This is are the list of items, technology accessory that would be best for you right now. Do you have any other accessory to add then you can make use of the comment session below.