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3 Best Apps to Recover Deleted Files from an Android SD Card

    Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. They have almost replaced MP3 players, cameras, pocketbooks, and even notebooks. They store tons of useful and necessary information. You definitely do not want to lose photos from your birthday party or important business notes. Yet, such situations are still possible.

    3 Best Apps to Recover Deleted Files from an Android SD Card

    There are many reasons why files may disappear from Android SD cards. The most common of them are the following:

    • You’ve deleted files by accident.

    It happens quite often. You select the wrong option or confuse the keys – and the photos are deleted. Not all models of smartphones possess the Trash bin. It’s impossible to retrieve data without special sd card recovery software.    

    • The SD card is damaged.

    Very often, files tend to disappear from Android SD cards if you use poor-quality models. The best way to avoid such a situation is to purchase SD cards of top quality.

    • Your smartphone is infected.

    Although smartphone viruses are not so common as computer ones, it’s still possible to experience data losses due to viruses. It may happen if you use an SD card not only for your smartphone. By the way, it’s strictly unrecommended.    

    • You’ve applied the option of the Factory Reset by mistake.

    It may lead to the deletion of all the information.  

    • The card was formatted.

    It’s the best way to clean the memory card. You delete all the data by pressing only one button. Yet, it’s convenient only if you do it purposely but not by mistake. 

    If you can’t find some data on your Android smartphone, it doesn’t mean that it’s lost forever. It’s possible to recover deleted files from an SD card even without hiring a specialist.

    1.  Disk Drill

    Disk Drill Memory Card Recovery is perhaps one of the most effective and reliable options to get your data back, even if the SD card was formatted. The program is available for any user who is ready to spend about 10-15 minutes downloading and installing the software. The app has two versions – free and paid. The first one allows recovering only about 500 GB of information. It’s enough if you’ve deleted your favorite songs or a couple of cool pics from your SD card. Yet, if you need to undelete the whole SD, it’s necessary to purchase a paid mode.

    3 Best Apps to Recover Deleted Files from an Android SD Card2

    It’s easy to use Disk Drill. You are to launch an application, connect SD to your computer, and set the needed requirements. You have to define the place for scanning. After the procedure is finished, you can see all the undeleted files and restore those you need.

    There are several significant advantages of Disk Drill you can’t but appreciate. They encompass such points:

    • Availability.

    The program is available for everyone who has the Internet and is ready to pay about $89.00 at a flat rate.  

    •  Simple interface.

    You do not need to learn by hard some complicated key combinations or work with smartphone settings. It takes only a couple of minutes to find the needed option.

    • Great compatibility.        

    The program supports all file types. Moreover, it deals with various devices. No matter what type of data you’ve lost, Disk Drill is to retrieve it as soon as possible. 

    2.  DiskDigger

    It’s another rather good Android SD card recovery tool. Yet, it features a limited coverage of files. You may apply it if you desire to retrieve media files or documents.

    DiskDigger is not free. You are to pay about $14 in order to be able to restore all the files. By the way, the program allows you to scan and preview data. It’s very convenient. After you discover how effective the tool is, you are to decide whether you should buy a license or not.  

    3.  UltData

    It’s a rather popular application that offers a deep scan and works with different types of files. The program has a simple interface. It works fast. Yet, if you need to restore a large amount of information, the app may freeze. Moreover, UltData is not free. You should be ready to pay about $50 per month. For free, it’s possible to retrieve only 100MB. 


    To sum it up, it should be noticed that being a smartphone owner means being ready to face data losses. Whether you like it or not, sooner or later, you have to cope with this problem. It’s a good idea to be ready for it in advance and install a reliable and effective data recovery application.