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Black Shark 4 and Shark 4 Pro announced with 144Hz refresh rate

    With gaming Smartphones making the header out there, Xiaomi’s owned Black Shark announces its latest gaming handsets series – Black Shark 4 and Black Shark 4 Pro in China with both looking more profound and good in their overall health.

    The major difference between the vanilla version and the PRO is the camera and the chipset. Although the chipset might be of little effect to the possibilities a gaming device can attain, a camera or optics aren’t that invested into it.

    Both good-looking gaming Smartphone arrives with a 6.67-inch FHD+ display E4 AMOLED screen with 144Hz refresh rate and 720Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate and 8.3ms multi-finger touch response time delay.

    There are new generation fully symmetrical dual-zone screen pressure sensitivity and a new magnetic powerlifting shoulder button, that has been tested up to a million times, confirmed by the company.

    Black Shark 4 Pro

    The pressure-sensitive shoulder keys recognize both a light tap and a hard press, letting you do different things with each. There are two mode switch keys on the right side, volume buttons on the left side, and a fingerprint scanner stays in the middle.

    Similar to other gaming Smartphones, Black Shark also launched a special “e-sports finger gloves” for the most dedicated gamers, which will be used during an intense gaming session.

    The camera difference is the main lens, where the Black Shark 4 Pro has a 64-megapixels camera and 48-megapixels on the Black Shark 4. Other cameras include the 8-megapixels ultra-wide lens, an auxiliary 5-megapixels sensor, and a 20-megapixels selfie camera.

    These have symmetrical dual speakers and the Pro model has 1226 linear speakers and seven-magnetic sounding units and has a 1.5CC super-large sound cavity, and the 3.5mm headphone jack is also retained.

    Another magnificent difference is the storage, the Black Shark 4 has UFS 3.1 and the Black Shark 4 Pro comes with Xiaomi RAMDISK feature that uses RAM as disk storage, boosting the performance of a particular app. The company says is a combination of two disk array system that increases read and write performance by 55% and 69%.

    Both gaming Smartphones are driven by Qualcomm’s processor, but the chipsets are different. Where the Black Shark 4 is powered by a Snapdragon 870, while the Shark 4 Pro uses the true flagship platform Snapdragon 888 chips.

    Xiaomi Black Shark 4 and Black Shark 4 Pro

    This device comes with support for a sandwich cooling system composed of liquid cooling plates and liquid cooling tubes. While the Black Shark 4 Pro got a two-layer liquid cooling system.

    Where the first layer is directly below the screen, sandwiching the chipset and the other valuable internals with the second layer. The company says this will increase heat dissipation by 30% and lower the CPU temperature by 18C degrees.

    Both user interface is JOYUI 12.5, based on Android 11, and available in Magic Black, plain Black, and plain Silver color options. The Black Shark 4 comes in either 6GB / 8GB RAM with 128GB storage, and 12GB with 128GB / 256GB storage.

    While the Black Shark 4 Pro is either 8GB RAM with 128GB storage, and 12GB / 16GB with 256GB storage. It uses both UFS3.1 + SSD Disk Array for its storage, Shark 4 uses only UFS 3.1 storage, and both use LPDDR5 RAM.

    As expected, these gaming Smartphones arrive with an X-shaped rear panel with the brand logo hidden under the AG glass back panel. Both sports a 4500mAh battery with support for 120W fast charging that can charge up to 50% in 5 minutes and 100% in 15 minutes.

    Black Shark 4

    The Black Shark 4 6GB RAM / 128GB storage version costs CNY2,499 ($383/€322)
    – 8GB RAM / 128GB storage model goes for CNY2,699 ($415/€350)
    – 12GB RAM / 128GB storage version is priced at CNY2,999 ($460/€385)
    – and the 12GB RAM / 256GB storage model costs CNY3,299 ($505/€425).

    The Black Shark 4 Pro 8GB RAM / 256GB storage version costs CNY3,999 ($615/€515)
    – 12GB RAM / 256GB storage version costs CNY4,499 ($690/€580)
    – 16GB RAM / 512GB storage option costs CNY5,299 ($815/€685)

    These are available to order now and will go on sale from March 26th in China, but the Black Shark 16GB RAM model hasn’t been listed for sale yet and pre-orders have already begun at Black Shark’s official online store.