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Don’t Forget the Airtel 6x Bundles that gives you Six times of your Recharge

    You might have been strolling all through the internet, browsing, downloading and installing with the speed of light but you may have forget about the Old Man, Airtel 6x Bonus!

    It isn’t old as you may proclaim it but the Koko there is that, it never gets old! It keeps refreshing and so on on! With a little amount, you will never run out of Airtime, Data or SMS!

    What is Airtel 6x Bundle?

    The Airtel 6x Bundle is a bonus-on-recharge bundle that gives you six (6) times the value of your recharge for data, SMS and calls to ALL NETWORKS. 6x bundles are open to all Airtel prepaid subscribers.

    How to  subscribe to Airtel 6x bundle?

    To subscribe to Airtel 6x bundle, recharge using *555*PIN# and you will get six (6) times the value of your recharge. Bonus received for each recharge denomination is as outlined below:

    airtel 6x bundles


    How do I get Airtel 6x bonus?

    You can get Airtel 6x bonus by recharging using *555*PIN#.

    Can I get the 6x bonus with regular recharge?

    No. You can only get the bonus when you recharge using *555*PIN#. If you recharge with *126*PIN# you will not get the bonus.

    Can I access the 6x bonus multiple times?

    Yes. You can access the bonus every time you recharge using *555*PIN#.

    Can I get the 6x bonus as a postpaid customer?

    No. Only prepaid subscribers have access to the 6x bonus.

    How do I check my 6x bonus balance?

    You can check your 6x bonus balance by dialing *123#.

    Do I lose what is left of my 6x bonus if I do not use it up before the validity expires?

    If you buy another 6x bundle before validity expiry, your unused bonus is rolled over into the new bundle and assumes the new bundle’s validity. If you do not buy another bundle before validity expiry, any unused bonus value will be lost upon validity expiry.

    Can I make international calls or send international SMS from my 6x bonus?

    No. You can only make local on-net and off-net calls, SMS from your 6x bonus.

    What rates am I charged for calls, data and SMS on my 6x bonus?

    The following rates are charged on Airtel 6x:

    Local Voice On-net Calls N40/min (N0.667/sec)
    Off-net Calls N40/min (N0.667/sec)
    Local SMS On net SMS N8/SMS
    Off net SMS N8/SMS
    Data N100, N200 & N300 Bundles 3k/KB
    N500, N1000 1k/KB

    Come to think about this, lets say, you are a bulk SMS sender, that is to say, someone who sends SMS in bulk to an Organization or whatsoever, is this Airtel 6x Bonus not too much or too less? Although, it depends on the Number of the participant!

    If it is okay, then Airtel has solve your problem, especially in the Financial Area!