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Airtel My Offer gives you 16GB for N3000, 9GB for N2000 and more

    Airtel My Offer plans are 1GB for N300, 2GB for N500, 1.5GB for N500, 3GB for N1000, 6GB for N1500, 9GB for N2000, and 16GB for N3000, and you can easily activate any of the data plans from your *141# menu right away.

    One of Nigerian best telecommunication has just pulled off a reputable data bundle plan offer at the time. This is Airtel “My Offer” which gives you more data for a slightly cheaper amount.

    Airtel has just added this to their *141# data plan menu. This actually means you can easily go ahead and subscribe right now before it is too late. But you can still decide to stay a little bit longer to understand a few words.

    You should probably know that the new Airtel My Offer gives you everything possible, from daily plans, and weekly plans to monthly plans. But everything comes at a slightly changed price, that might suit your budget.


    Airtel My Offer Plans

    Here are the full data plans you can either receive for different selected eligible SIM cards. For instance, a highly selected AIRTEL SIM Cards might receive the following:

    *. 1GB for N300 – Daily
    *. 2GB for N500 – Daily
    *. 1.5GB for N500 – 14 days
    *. 3GB for N1000 – 30 days
    *. 6GB for N1500 – 30 days
    *. 9GB for N2000 – 30 days
    *. 16GB for N3000 – 30 days

    Meanwhile, on the other hand, some SIM cards might have the following:

    *. 1GB for N300 – Daily
    *. 2GB for N500 – Daily
    *. 6GB for N1500 – 7 days
    *. 750MB for N500 – 14 days
    *. 1.5GB for N1000 – 30 days
    *. 2GB for N1200 – 30 days
    *. 3GB for N1500 – 30 days

    Well, Airtel is trying to remain smart here because something is softly out of place. Before you activate any of the above data bundles, read the following sentence.

    During my experience, when I tried activating their alleged 16GB for N3000 data plans, which is supposedly 30 days, a month.

    airtel my offer

    Well, before the activation, Airtel draw my attention that I was receiving 11GB for N3000. Right now, they are offering 11GB for N4000, but I can certainly give them that thumps-up finger.

    Because MTN Nigeria is currently giving 10GB for N5000, but the same amount can get you 15GB on Airtel. Isn’t that enough to suit your need?

    Airtel Current Data Plans

    *. N1,000 for 1.5GB – 30 Days
    *. N1,200 for 2GB – 30 Days
    *. N1,500 for 3GB – 30 Days
    *. N2,000 for 4.5GB – 30 Days
    *. N2,500 for 6GB – 30 Days
    *. N3,000 for 8GB – 30 Days
    *. N4,000 for 11GB – 30 Days
    *. 15GB for N5,000 – 30 Days
    *. 40GB for N10,000 – 30 Days
    *. 75GB for N15,000 – 30 Days
    *. 110GB for N20,000 – 30 Days
    ** Night Data is usable 1 AM – 7 AM Daily

    To activate: Dial *141#, 1 and select your data plan.
    To check your plan: Dial *140# and wait for their quick message.

    airtel my offer

    This ought to be one of the most incredible data plans offered in this Q2 of 2019. Go ahead, select your taste, and style, and subscribe comfortably.