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Airtel SmartTrybe Junior app and tab- Connects Mum and Dad with Child

    Maybe, you might have heard of Airtel SmartConnect, Airtel smartRecharge and many other Airtel tariff plans that offers both Airtime for making calls at a more cheaper rate and also data bonus for surfing / browsing any educational website. It is a parent and kid plan!

    This is the SmartTRYBE Junior that offers 100% bonus on data purchased from 200MB and above to browse educational sites. As the name implies, it keeps both mum and dad connected with their kids and offers free calls, SMS to Mum, Dad from kid’s line.

    Apart from offering voice calls and data, the SmartTrybe Junior is Airtel’s revolutionary product which makes learning for children while ensuring they stay connected to their friends and family with the plan, app and tab too.

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    And there is also SmartTrybe Junior apps. According to the official statement on Airtel website;

    is an educational solution which makes learning fun for children in primary and secondary schools with its 3D interactive multimedia based learning environment. Study materials are developed in compliance with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education adapted for pupils/ students in the West African sub-region, especially Nigeria.

    And why this plan is one of the best tariff plan for your kids is that, it gives your kids 10% bonus of airtime when the either parents recharge their different Airtel line.

    Airtel SmartTrybe Junior

    Airtel FAF Bundle (Calls)

    And it also offers free calls everyday to all their registered (Family and Friends) FAF bundle (Subject to Fair usage Policies) Anyway, the The FAF bundle costs N200 per month and is valid for one month (30 days). Dial *317*200# to subscribe.

    And if you want to register any number on the FAF bundle, then you can dial *317*2*Number*1# OR Send PARENT 080xxxxxxxx to 317. After the registration, you can enjoy 10% of your parents’ recharges and also call your registered parents for free, it is necessary to register at least one Airtel number as a parent number. And also, you can Dial *317*4# to view your registered FAF numbers.

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    Question: What if I had more than one child?

    Where there are more than one children registered to the same parent, the 10% bonus will be split evenly among all registered children.

    Question: How many SmartTrybe subscribers can a parent have registered to his/her line?
    Answer: A Parent can have a maximum of 4 (four) SmartTRYBE jr subscribers registered to their line.

    Question: What can I use the bonus on my parent’s recharge for?
    Answer: The bonus can only be used to call registered Parents and FAF, and is valid for 3 days.

    Question: What is the maximum number FAF registrations I can have on my SmartTRYBE jr line?
    Answer: This depends on how many parent numbers you’ve registered. If you register only one parent number, you can have a maximum of 4 (four additional) FAF registrations. If on the other hand you register 2 parent numbers, then you have a maximum of 3 (Three additional) FAF registrations left.

    Question: Can I change my registered Parent and FAF Numbers?
    Answer: Yes you can! For Parent number change, dial *317*3*1*Number#. For other FAF number change, simply dial *317*3*Number# to remove the number you want, then dial *317*2*Number# to add another FAF. Each FAF change after initial addition costs of N20/change.

    Note that Only two Airtel numbers can be added as parent by SmartTrybe jr subscriber and a smartTRYBE jr subscriber cannot be a Parent line to another SmartTRYBE jr subscriber.

    Question: What are my rates on SmartTRYBE Jr?
    Answer: Voice calls: 1st min – 40k/sec
    Subsequent calls:

    *Rates are applicable to only registered Parents, Family & Friends numbers when you buy the family bundle at N200/month.

    Airtel to all networks: 20k/sec
    Top 5 International (US, Canada, UK fixed line, india and china): 30k/sec
    Local SMS rates: N2/SMS
    International SMS rates:
    Zones Price (per SMS)
    1  N20
    2  N30
    3  N35
    4  N50
    Parents, Family & Friends rates:*
    Parents, Family & Friends Calls rates: 11k/sec
    Parents, Family & Friends SMS rates: N2/SMS

    parent and kids

    SmartTrybe Jr Data Plans

    Below is the complete SmartTrybe Jr Data Plans which can be subscribed to by texting SMART to 2233 via SMS and wait for the follow come messages. The data plans includes;

    *. Daily Lite              N50           for     1 Day
    *. Weekly                  N300         for     7 Days
    *. Monthly Lite        N700         for     30 Days
    *. Monthly Full        N1,000      for     30 Days
    *. Quarterly              N2,500      for     90 Days
    *. Annual                  N10,000    for     1 Year

    And also, there is 15MB on recharge of N200 and above to browse / week.

    Airtel SmartTrybe Junior tab and app

    And now is the SmartTrybe Jnr educational which is made especially for kids to use is made to work on virtually all platforms including Android, Tablets. Meanwhile, it is not yet enabled for iPhones and PC. You can get the Airtel SmartTrybe tab for as low as ₦37,900 on any Airtel outlet around.

    The App contains study materials aligned with the Nigerian educational curriculum and developed in compliance with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education. The App which covers 15 subjects from Primary 1 to SSS 3 can be downloaded via the Google Play Store. Just search with ‘smartTRYBE’.

    How to Activate Airtel SmartTrybe Junior

    So, basically, Airtel has everything in stock for you to connect your child with you (as parent), all you have to do is to get a SmartTrybe Junior SIM today from any of our Airtel shops.

    To enter, you can dial *317# to get started. Anyways, Airtel solemnly said that “Safe browsing on dedicated sites will soon be enabled on SmartTRYBE jr. Parents are therefore advised to monitor children’s web activities as Airtel will not be held liable for any issues arising from website misuse”