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Contact Airtel Whatsapp Customer Care Service Here

    Maybe, Airtel is about following the footsteps of MTN Nigeria. And Yes, Whatsapp is the reigning Mobile Application that connects more people together and they worker faster when it comes to chatting aspects.

    So after MTN Whatsapp Number Contact goes live Airtel also wants to join the service and it is a really welcome development. Meanwhile, MTN whatsapp number, is a little bit different from their usual 180, it takes them few hours before answering you, as  a customer.

    Maybe, Glo and Etisalat are planning to take MTN and Airtel unawares by trying to do more powerful things than what they have just done. But I prefer all the Nigeria Telecom to be Whatsapp.

    airtel whatsapp cutomer care

    But it is not by being live on Whatsapp but are you going to take chances and answer very quick and accurate. We don’t want to dormant customer care service. We can’t wait for longer hours before our answers come to us.

    airtel whatsapp numbers

    The Airtel Whatsapp Customer Care Service are:- 07010000116, 07010000117, 07010000118, 07010000119 & 0701263111. Add them today and start complaining. I really have a serious complain.

    My complain is that, any time they give me a call, after some few hours,  they will credits me with N500 then take 50 for charge, saying that, I will pay them next time, I recharge. This thing has been going on for like two times this Month of May!