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How to activate Airtel WinBack Offer and enjoy up to 1000% on recharge within N100, N200, and N500

    Introducing Airtel WinBack offer that only rewards chargeable inactive users or dormant customers in the last 15 days with exclusive offers. Well, this deal is intriguing and beneficial only for few Airtel customers, and these users neither include old or newly registered customers.

    While there are series of better Airtel plans and offers, but this offer is among the top best deals under Airtel’s belt. As a matter of fact, Airtel isn’t the only telecom company nationwide offering such an engaging opportunity.

    MTN also offers a deal known as MTN Welcome Back Offer, which rewards customers that spent at least 60 days on the MTN network and have not performed any chargeable activity in the last 15 days or more.

    The offer rewards a 12% increase plus a data bonus to customers who recharge between N50 to N1500 using code *161*<pin>#. These inactive chargeable data activity customers also get to enjoy special discounted data bundles, dial *131*65# to enjoy.

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    What is Airtel WinBack Offer?

    On the Airtel website, the company explained that “Airtel WinBack offers rewards to customers that have not performed any chargeable activity in the last 15 days or more” That is quite self-explanatory and it is legit, coming from the company straight.

    Similar to the MTN Welcome Back Offer, these Airtel users aren’t customers who are totally inactive or dormant, but customers who have spent at least 15 days on the Airtel network and have not performed any chargeable activity.

    While MTN is offering this deal to customers who have spent 60days recharging their SIM, Airtel is offering its deal to customers who have spent just 15days and have not performed any chargeable activity.

    Airtel WinBack Offer Benefits?

    Unlike MTN’s welcome back offer that rewards customers with 12% on any recharge, Airtel WinBack offer is offering up to 1000% on airtime recharge within N100, N200, and N500, along with equal data bonuses on N200 and N500 deals.

    For a better understanding, here is a comprehensive table that provides an adequate understanding of the Airtel WinBack offer. See the table below:

    Amount (Price)Value (Worth)Expiration (Validity)
    Recharge NGN100NGN200030 days (one month)
    Recharge NGN200NGN2000 Bonus + 200MBNGN2000 for 30 days and 200MB for 3 days
    RechargeNGN6000 Bonus + 1GBNGN6000 for 30 days and 200MB for 3 days
    Culled from Airtel Nigeria

    The Airtel WinBack offer benefits are totally understandable from the aforementioned table, where all airtime bonuses for NGN100, NGN200, and NGN500 expire after 30days, but the NGN200 and NGN500 data bonuses are valid only for 3days.

    Airtel WinBack offer
    Airtel WinBack offer

    How to activate and enjoy WinBack Offer

    In order to begin enjoying the Airtel WinBack offer, customers are expected to activate the plan only via a USSD code – *241*7#. You are to recharge first with any desired amount ranging between NGN100, NGN200, and NGN500, and dial the code and purchase it.

    Airtel didn’t mention how to check the WinBack offer balance, but it should be within the Airtel App, or through the normal or usual USSD bonus checking code. However, if you are interested, there are other better Airtel data plans, social plans, binge plans, and others.