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This is Amazon internet browser for slow internet connection

    Amazon just launched a new Android browser called Internet; that is fast, lite, and private. It is the simplest browser to download right now. The new Amazon browse is something worth your time.

    Indeed, we have a lot of browser that we most prefer most than others, such as Chrome, Moxilla, Safari, this browsers tries to elucidate and make browsing the internet more friendly, efficient and clear but with 2MB, you could try and love the new Amazon internet browser!

    The new Amazon browser, which is called Amazon internet is currently available in India. If you are interested to know more about it, you can head over to Google play store and get yourself, a fast lite browser. One interesting part of browser is offering support for private tabs and yep, the Amazon’s new browser does that and it has a homepage that shows cricket news etc

    Amazon internet browser

    Although, the Amazon internet is a lite browser that allows you to browse faster. It is only created for areas where there is slow-internet connection. It works just like apps that works at slow-network rural area, examples; YouTube Go, Facebook Lite, Gmail Go.

    Amazon Internet browser has been in Google playstore since March 2018 and that was when it was last updated. Currently have 5 people rating 4-star with 3 Indian users commenting the efficiency of the browser. It’s runs on Android 5.0 and higher devices with 100+ downloads.