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Here is a waterproofed Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    Amazon introduced a new version of the Kindle Paperwhite, adding to their 2013 and 2015 updated model. Say hello to the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with waterproof, and adding more feature to it. You can now read even inside the water! The new model also has support for Audible audiobooks.

    The Kindle Paperwhite has been invoke for a couple of years, it looks stunning and impressive to study with the Amazon Kindle Paper-white, the weight is lighter and the screen looks purely paper-like. Comes with an excellent 6-inch, high-resolution 300 pixel per inch (ppi) display has laser-quality text that reads like real paper, the company claimed.

    The Paperwhite has more credentials and allows customers, reviewers and readers to study in the dark than the older backlit Kindle devices, it delivers high level of contrast. Basically, it is a front-lit Kindle e-book reader.

    Despite coming with the water-proofing design, the screen of the new Kindle Paperwhite comes with a flush-front design, delivering more LEDs for the illuminated display. And the back is now softer, comfortable to hold in your hands, even under the water.

    “We are constantly improving the design to help customers stay immersed in the story. Today, we are excited to bring even more premium features – like a thinner and lighter flush-front design, additional storage, waterproofing – to our most popular Kindle,” Jayshree Gururaj, Director-Amazon Devices, said in a statement.

    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    Internal storage is another updated feature, it comes with a 32GB of storage. Fortunately, it is the most thinnest, slimmest and light-weighted Kindle Paperwhite, with a 8.18-mm and 182-gram weight. It lacks a USB-C, no physical buttons to turn the page, and the adaptive light sensor.

    Submerge inside the water, up to 6-feet for about an hour, the Kindle Paperwhite can withstand it, all thanks to its IPX8 waterproofing, its the biggest feature. It also includes five LEDs and an adjustable front light for a uniform, glare-free display in any setting

    “The new Kindle Paperwhite comes with twice the storage so you can keep more content on your device. It is available in 8GB, which is twice the storage as the previous generation and can hold thousands of titles, and 32 GB for storing even larger libraries for avid readers,” the company added.

    The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has a staring price of $129.99 for 8GB / Wi-Fi only, $159.99 for 32GB version and a $249.99 32GB option with 3G. You can pre-order the device right away and the 8GB model will start hitting shelves starting from November 7, while the higher variants will be coming sooner!