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Do you want a storytelling app for your Kids? Try Amazon Rapids

    Amazon Rapids is now a free story telling app for Children. Rapid app was once found in 2016, then, it was based on subscriptions service, $2.99 monthly. But on 2nd of August, Amazon made the app completely free for everyone.

    The Amazon Rapids app offers hundreds of short stories and it is available on different platforms, iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices. Meanwhile, most of these stories will also be available to listen to through Alexa’s Storytime mode.

    The app was developed, aiming at children within the age of 5 – 12 years. Meant to get them interested in reading, by presenting short stories in the style of text message conversations between characters – Amazon.

    The idea was that these types of stories might be easier for a young reader to handle, probably, children with dyslexia. It is quite simple for children, who hardly understand simple stories. And it is also good for both kids and parent too.

    Amazon rapids.

    Where to download Amazon Rapids

    You can get the Amazon Rapids for all platforms of devices; To download the app, you are advised to visit Amazon official website.

    According to the description of the app on the website, there is in-built glossary, where Kids can easily see definition of words. There are many other features also, it can read in a higher audio, something like lifelike voices of characters.

    Most times, parent fails to tell stories to their children, due to one issue or the other. And one of the cause is not spending time with them, work, stress and many others. Kids loves stories, either from ages, funny, etc.

    This is where Amazon Rapids comes in, with this free app, you can simply leave behind that stress. So, if you are looking for the best storytelling apps for your Kids, the Amazon Rapids is constantly the best app for that right now!