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Android 9 Pie (Go edition) will be available sooner!

    After releasing the Android 9 Pie to other supported Smartphones (Google Pixel phones and the Essential Phone), the search Giant are preparing to announce the Android 9 Pie (Go edition) later this fall or Autumn. And it might be more preferable than the original Pie itself.

    The Android 9 Pie (Go edition) will power up low end Smartphones. It is much like the Android Oreo (Go Edition), but Google promises few upgrades from the former edition.

    One of major updates is that, it will speed up mobile phones faster, radically increasing the boot times than standard Android and will free up to 500MB space on the phone’s storage.

    And a dashboard for monitoring data consumption and security updates. There are a number of updates to individual Go apps, too, including the ability to read sites’ content in loudspeaker in Google Go and navigation in Maps Go.

    Android 9 Pie (Go edition)

    Below are the Android 9 Pie (Go edition) Updates

    Google Go now offers the ability to read webpages aloud and highlights each word so you can follow along.

    YouTube Go makes it easier to enjoy videos while using less data with new features like gallery mode for downloaded content.

    Maps Go now features navigation, making it possible for people with Go edition devices or unstable connections to use turn-by-turn directions whether you’re traveling by car, by bus, or on foot.

    Files Go, which has saved users ~90TB of space since launch, is now capable of transferring data peer-to-peer, without using mobile data, at speeds up to ~490Mbips.

    Assistant Go now supports additional languages including Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Indonesian, and has expanded support for device actions like controlling Bluetooth, camera and flashlight, and added reminders.

    – Android Messages App for Android (Go edition) is now ~50 percent smaller in size and the Phone App includes caller ID and spam detection.

    Popularly, we all know that Google’s Android Go program platform is dedicated to bring fast and smooth performance to entry-level phones all over the world. But Android Go phones are some of the first to get Google’s latest OS updates.

    According to Google, the Android (Go edition) is currently available on 200 devices in more than 120 countries (including India, South Africa, US, Nigeria and Brazil), but the devices are geared towards entry-level and budget-friendly phones.

    Anyways, the first phones with Pie (Go edition) might come at the end of 2018. But in Nigeria, there is no word, which mobile phone maker will release its first phone with Android 9 Pie (Go Edition).