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This is the Most Popular Operating System in the World! Not MicroSoft

    No, it is no longer Microsoft! What are your guesses? Yes, it is the Android Operating System! Right now, Android Beats Windows to Become World’s Most Popular Operating System!

    After some few battling with the former operating system champions, Google Android has finally be crowned the new and current World Most Popular Leading Operating System, it is the Android OS.

    According to a new report from web traffic analytics firm StatCounter, Google’s Android is the most popular operating system worldwide in terms of total internet usage across desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile combined.

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    Looking at overall internet usage, Android represented 37.93 percent of the global OS Internet usage market share in March, while Windows accounted for 37.91 percent.

    Although Windows is still not far behind, Android taking the lead is being described by StatCounter CEO Aodhan Cullen as a “milestone in technology history.”

    This achievement is due to the fact that mobile devices are used to connect to the Internet far more frequently than desktops and laptops, and people are spending more time on smartphones surfing the Internet than on desktops.

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    The report showed that Windows is still holding a 39.5 percent of the Internet usage market share against Android’s 25.7 percent in North America, and 51.7 percent against 29.2 percent in Europe.

    Android leads in Asia with a vast majority of internet usage in countries including India (79 %), Indonesia (72 %) and China (57 %).

    This is the new era!