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How to Choose Your Next Android Phone – Buying Guide

    Are you looking for a new phone, a new tablet or a new Note? then the below guide are the best features you are to look for in any new Android Smartphone.

    Not everybody but most people always makes it a New Year Tech Resolution to buy a new branded Android Smartphone! Although, it is just the choice of most people!

    android smartphone guide in 2017

    In 2016, many good and portable Android Smartphones were launched and of course, it can also be used in but it is not all of them.

    Guidelines on Choosing a Good Android Smartphone

    Below are some good features you should consider when going for a new device. Most of the specs includes Dual Camera, Memory capacity, Bigger RAM, 4G LTE Phones and bigger Battery Capacity.

    #1. Dual Camera Phone with good Flash

    This has always been the central idea of getting a new Android Smartphone. Anytime, you want to get a new phone, the first thing you should look at is the the Camera Specs of the phone.

    Selfie camera phone’s always wins the best phones of the year. In this our time, taking selfies or taking pictures seems to be the current activities for everyone.

    So if you are planning on getting a new phone then go for 13MP rear back camera with two camera just like the Camon C8 and remember with a good 5MP to 8MP front flash!

    #2. Memory Capacity from 64GB to 128GB

    This is for sure, don’t ever buy a phone with 16GB memory capacity. Do you know why? Because many updates will be rolling out and to enjoy each and every bit of it, then you really need to have bigger memory capacity and of which, memory slot card may not be of help any longer.

    After the Updates, won’t you get a new application? a new game? where would you save the selfies pictures? Well, the best is the 64GB storage and it should be your standard for new Android flagship.

    #3. Phone RAM from 3GB to 6GB

    This cost money sha. But then, 3GB of RAM is much more preferable than having 1GB or 2GB around you. In this time, recent phones now have 3GB to 4GB of RAM. So you have to get a bigger phone RAM for more enjoyment.

    So settle for 3GB Android Smartphone . With bigger RAM, you can enjoy this specifications flawlessly. Infinix Mobility has a lot of Android Smartphone that has this particular feature.

    android smartphone guide

    #4. Battery Capacity from 4OOOmAH and 4G LTE Phones

    Having a phone less than 3000mAH battery capacity, is like having a phone without battery! Sincerely, if you really wants to enjoy your new phone, then try going for a battery capacity from 4000mAH to 5000mAH.

    Meanwhile, for the Network selection aspect, you have to buy a phone that has 4G LTE. All the Nigeria Network might dump all their 3G phones, lols, joking tho but the truth is that, 4G LTE is gradually over taking Nigeria popular 3G.

    #5. Other Amazing Specs Like

    Other specs includes the Processor, the design of the phone should be another interesting priority. And also, the screen display should also be looked into. You do not want to play games and other interesting stuffs in a 4.5 or 5.0 display screen inches.

    After Buying the Device; First Things to do with a New Android, Tablet, PC, devices

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