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How to stream the contents of Android smartphones to a PC

    Today is another tutorial about you and your laptop! Are you a Gamer on a big screen lover? Do you love playing offline and online games or watching videos on a Large screen? Then this tutorial will be of real help to you.

    With a short description of this, you can be able to stream the contents of your Android smartphones/tablets to a PC. Here is how to stream the contents of your Android smartphones/tablets to a PC. That is, you want to watch how you play Android Games on Big screen!

    To do this, just send the content to a connected PC/Mac that is all. But what if you can’t do that(for example you need to stream live screen, whether for work, or entertainment). If you are looking for a bespoke home office, home theatre or gaming sanctuary, then Fierce PC is your best shot.

    Android smartphones to a PC


    With this, you will be able to fulfill your mission without stress. Allcast allows you to get it down with what you want. AllCast lets any Android device send photos and videos to the Chrome desktop browser for a while, but mirroring your screen has been a pain; if you don’t have a Nexus 5, you were out of luck.

    There’s significant lag, but it should be enough to show your friends a hot new app without having to buy a Chromecast (or a TV, for that matter). The upgrade should arrive soon, so swing by Google Play if you’d like to use your computer as a second screen. Is it not great?


    The ChromeCast is another suitable and latest working tool for this. With the ChromeCast which is a $35 HDMI dongle that you can attach to a TV (or a monitor) to turn it into a media receiver and player when connected to Wi-Fi.

    Android phones running KitKat 4.4.2 and above are able to mirror (cast) their Android phones to screens connected to Chromecast. Of course, this feature is in beta as well and the feature is only optimized for Nexus devices.

    To get started, download the Chromecast app and connect it to your local Chromecast. Tap the menu button and select Cast screen. Bypass the warning, choose your Chromecast and your Android screen will be visible on your big screen TV.

    Mirror Beta:

    Before and after them, we have the Mirror Beta. The tool is really working for their customers and they really love it. Although, the app is still in beta and if you’re using KitKat you’ll need root access for the app to work. On Lollipop root is not needed.

    On your PC/Mac, download the AllCast Receiver app for Chrome and launch it. On your Android phone open the Mirror Beta app and make sure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. The Chrome app will show up on the screen. Tap it to start mirroring. In a couple of seconds, the Android screen will show up in the AllCast Receiver window.

    You’ll see that there’s a watermark in the bottom-right corner. Right now the app is free and in beta. There doesn’t seem to be a way to remove that watermark.

    They are all working. Try them and show your friends that you are a developer and a tech wizard! After that, please take a few minutes and share this post online on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and many of them.