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Android to add “DNS over TLS” keeps you private when browsing

    I think the spying has come to an end! Well, all thanks to Android inc. as they would soon get the “DNS over TLS” adds a level of encryption to your DNS requests that are (mostly) inaccessible by your ISP (internet service providers).

    For the past few years, internet service providers has been getting the statistics of website we all visit but things is about to change. This are for those that doesn’t make use of VPN when browsing!

    Now take a look, DNS (Domain Name Server) is what translates a website address from a URL that you enter to an IP address which your computer actually connects to, so long as it has a human-readable URL, it does it.

    Example, is when you type ( into your browser, your computer queries a DNS which looks up and returns the IP address “” to the client.

    When a user types in a URL, it’s converted behind the scenes to an IP address. Your computer then uses this IP address to serve the files on the server, thus allowing you to view the website. This happens in nanoseconds, and the average user is none the wiser that it’s even taking place.

    Unfortunately, these conversions happen in plaintext, giving anyone that’s snooping on your network access to all the sites you’re visiting.

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    DNS over TLS is a protocol where DNS queries will be encrypted to the same level as HTTPS and thus a DNS can’t actually log or see the websites you visit.

    This uses TLS, or Transport Layer Security, to achieve this encryption. This does require the DNS you are using to have DNS over TLS support, though, but it’s a start. Users can switch to Google’s DNS if they wish to benefit from DNS over TLS.

    Well, Android Open Source Project (AOSP), says that the feature may arrive in Android 8.1. Always, it is not 100 percent sure of keeping you private!

    Source: XDA Developer