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Trendy Ankara Gowns Styles Dresses To Wear Right Now For Women and Girls

    Trendy Ankara dresses should be in the wardrobe of each Nigerian/African fashionista. Photos, styles, and cutting of fashionable gowns are of interest to many women who dream of looking feminine and classic.

    Having considered the fashion tendencies described in this article, you will understand how to choose outfits to create attractive styles.

    Ankara fashion trends determine the colors, forms, and other characteristics of attires. Each girl should carefully study various options of Ankara gowns for the successful selection of attire, taking into account her image, advantages, and disadvantages of the figure.

    Ankara is fabric for bright personalities who want to attract the attention of surrounding people. Designers often decorate it with interesting patterns.

    Choosing the dresses, it is worth paying increased attention to prints which define the overall style. Today, there are several popular options:

    *. Floral ornaments
    *. Modern and classic embroidery
    *. Geometric and small abstract patterns
    *. Traditional prints
    *. Strips, polka dots, etc.

    Ankara short gown styles

    Let’s start with mini Ankara styles. This is a magnificent length which is relevant in any weather conditions. The relevance of mini dresses is not questioned.

    Modern designers prefer bright colors, doll styles, and beautiful accessories.

    Choosing a mini dress, it is worth following the following rules:

    *. Dresses with the free cut will fit the women with wide hips; narrow models should be avoided
    *. Mini dress with a wide belt or peplum will help to emphasize the waist
    *. A dress with understated or V-neckline helps to visually lengthen the neck
    *. To increase the volume of the breast, it is recommended to choose unique Ankara styles with decorative elements in this area
    *. Mini dresses are contraindicated to owners of very thin legs.

    Medium length dresses

    Midi is a universal length, an indispensable classic for all times. This both simple and very diverse style fits everyone.

    You just need to decide what image you want to create: strict, avant-garde or chic? It is worth remembering that your proportions will look harmonious only with shoes on the heels.

    Latest Ankara long gown styles

    A long maxi dress is a great option for an evening social event. Also, this length is great for rest at the resort, for a walk around the city.

    Although maxi dresses and skirts are associated with hot days, do not forget about them during the rainy season. Preference should be given to dark shades and closed shoes. In this case, you will always look great and enjoy comfort.

    Such attires are decorated with accessories, embroidery, sequins. Or you may simply choose the outfits with interesting bright patterns.

    Mermaid gowns

    The mermaid dress tightens the figure to the knee and sharply expands at this level. Although the cut of all models seems to be the same, in fact, there is a great variety of options.

    The only unchanging detail is a tight top that can be supplemented with any elements:

    The most daring decisions of fashion designers find their embodiment in the cutouts at the waist.

    Usually, such dresses are sewn without sleeves. But through experimentation, couturiers created mermaid gowns with long sleeves.

    Such a dress is not suitable for an everyday image. It is always sewed from quality, expensive fabrics and turns to a great option for celebrations. These outfits adorn low growth girls with a medium figure, visually make them taller and slimmer.

    The dresses of this style are usually long and characterized by the presence of a tight-fitting, rather narrow bodice, an enlarged bottom of the skirt, which resembles the letter “A”.

    Thanks to this cut, latest Ankara styles in vogue emphasize the waist and add femininity to figure. Most often, A-silhouette models are presented in evening and cocktail fashion.

    There are no restrictions in length. The dress also can be short in front and long behind.

    We hope that the tips listed in this article will help you look irresistible in beautiful Ankara dresses. Good luck!