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Apple iPad (2017) 9.7′ inches is an Affordable iPad priced at $329

    The new Apple iPad features a wide 9.7′ inches screen size display. Before the launch of the new  Apple iPad 2017. The Apple’s iPad Air 2, 12.9-inch, 9.7′ inches Pro and the mini series is quite confusing, so Apple just had to recycled the iPad Air series, to form the new iPad (2017), in order to clear the air of their confusing names.

    From now on, the exuberant customers will have choices of mini, the regular, and the pro models. The new iPad (2017) in competition, seems more perfected than other of its likes. Amazon Fire tablet for kids is as the same for adults but the kids arrives with more child-like cases.

    Introducing to you is the 5th-generation iPad series with exquisite specifications and features. The Apple iPad 2017 is a lot more cheaper than the iPad Pro and obviously, they are a lot of differences and similarities among each other. It is priced at $329 per unit.

    Apple iPad (2017)

    Apple iPad 2017: Design and Display

    Design wise, the new iPad didn’t feature any new design as Apple are well known for NOT introducing any new design for its iPad series. But when compared to the iPad Air 2, you may find it hard but it is 25% brighter on the screen and the company says it tops out at 500 nits with a more stronger backlight.

    It is 9.7′ inches iPad and 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution. This is suitable for watching movies, videos, reading, photo-quality on the screen is more catchy and also browsing the internet is something that comes handy with the new iPad.

    Comes with a 7.5mm thicker (due to the huge battery capacity) with 1.03 pounds weight. And guess what? It still doesn’t change the outlook. The iPad is more friendly, thin and a little bit lighter on the hand. There is the home button at the front housing the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and Apple’s logo at the back.

    Apple still finds it not-inspiring to bring in the force-sensitive one on the iPhone 7. On the physical appearance, the screen is surrounded by large bezels and a front-facing camera at the top with a volume buttons sit on the right edge, and a power button on the top edge.

    Although, the Apple iPad 2017 might come with some cool features but it still lacks the high-end specs such as; P3 color gamut, SRGB, true tone. When inside a room, the screen do not not adjust the display to match the color temperature of the room’s lighting.

    Unfortunately, to keep the new iPad in its affordable price-range level, the company didn’t attached the Apple Pencil support. Of course, it is well known that the Pencil is only attached to the Apple iPad Pro. There is the headphone jack too.

    Apple 2017 iPad

    Apple iPad 2017: Camera and Connectivity

    Apart from enjoying the realistic movies displaying, the gently touch on the screen, the excitement of browsing smoothly on the iPad, you might also want to take cool selfies and photos, Apple didn’t disappoint anyway.

    The camera settings on the new iPad is of no different with the iPad Air 2. On top, it houses a 8-megapixels on the back with an f/2.4 aperture. Not bad for taking photos of the surrounding, office and of course, yourself also.

    On the front, it comes with a 1.2-megapixel selfie camera with an f/2.2 aperture. This is obviously not bad for a tablet-like. Taking selfies, photos and shooting videos with tablets is well complicated but you can do more better with an iPhone. With a 8MP back camera on a tablet, the happiness would be high-spirited.

    It comes in two difference variant, where you have the Wi-FI and LTE connectivity to choose from. The Wi-FI mode saves more battery life but different on the other hand but they both offer fast browsing speed.

    Apple iPad 2017: Performance and Battery

    The 2017 edition makes enough sense to ditch the low 16GB internal memory. Here, you have a 32GB or 128GB of storage; apps, photos, movies, musics and it runs on Apple’s A9 processor, which is the third generation of the 64-bit A-series chips, and it also brings a better image signal processor with iOS 10 with an embedded M9 co-processor.

    With this, it runs more smoothly, faster and efficient. You can save more, play more games, browse the internet more and jump in-between apps smoothly without encountering any form of hiccups.

    There is also Split View and Slide Over along with Multitasking gestures, that allows you using four fingers to swipe between your most recent apps, make it easy to move through different apps.

    Apple iPad (2017) tab

    And also, the Apple iPad 2017 comes with a 8,610mAh battery capacity that is capable of housing the high level of usage and the company claims, it can last more longer, battery efficient with the A9 chip. Remember that, when on LTE connectivity mode, it is expected to lose battery life more quickly.

    You can get the new Apple iPad 2017 from Apple for a $329 per unit. You might not have the ultra-slim benefits on the iPad Pro but the new iPad with 9.7′ inches is great for kids and adults under budget!