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Apple iPhone 7 announced with waterproofing & dual cameras

    The long awaited iPhone is out! It was launched today at the Apple’s iPhone 7 event. Android Phones are released everyday, but the Apple iPhone 7 launching is a Worldwide news.

    It is trending on Twitter, everybody are talking about iPhone 7, few people has already pre-order the phone already! Many are still planning or ordering the phone.

    With the Apple iPhone 7 waterproofing, dual cameras,stereo speakers and many other amazing specs, you need not to be told that the iPhone 7 is really wonderful and so embracing to get at all cost.

    And it has been confirmed on Amazon!


    What You Should Know about Apple iPhone 7

    Well, Apple are always wonderful in their Products launching, so you shouldn’t expect iPhone 7 to be a flop. On the smaller iPhone 7, there’s a new larger sensor with a wider F1.8 aperture on its six-element lens. The camera has also been boosted to be able to take photos in just 25 milliseconds.

    And of course, the camera can finally shoot RAW files too. Meanwhile, the front facing camera is equipped from 5 MP to 7 MP and includes deep trench isolation for sharper pictures and more accurate colors.

    According to the Apple launches, the dual-camera system on the larger device is used to provide 2X optical zoom, that is to say, it isn’t simply cropping the image like the zoom function on almost every smartphone. Instead, it’s pairing a standard wide angle lens with a telephoto one. The true-tone flash has been improved with four lenses instead of two, able to put out 50 percent more light.

    Apple is also working on implementing shallow depth of field – again, like the P9 – but using a more clever implementation. The camera uses machine learning in order to create a depth mask of people’s cameras.

    The iPhone is dropping the headphone jack. It includes headphones that connect directly via the Lightning port – which means you can’t charge and listen at the same time.

    The iPhone 7 is getting more performance than ever. With the new A10 Fusion chip which is 50 percent faster than the A9 (3 times faster than the A8). And a 6-core graphics chip is a whopping 240x faster than the original.

    The chip allows the devices to deliver 2 hours more battery life than the 6s models. It starts at 32 GB of storage (finally!) for $649 for the smaller device and $769 for the Plus. There are 128 GB and 256 GB options too.

    Other things said at the Apple iPhone 7 Includes:

    The device will be launch starting September 16.  The popular and official Apple iOS 10 will be out on on September 13. Apple Pay is coming to Japan with support for Transit payments next month.

    Launching of APPLE iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, including Apple Watch which will be bring on Pokeman Go! The 7 and 7 Plus are said to both offer the best battery life of any iPhone. You’ll get a reported two additional hours of use in the iPhone 7 Plus and an additional hour in the 7.

    Meanwhile, the Pre-orders will start Friday, September 9. They’ll ship September 16. The stellar new iOS 10 will release September 13.