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Update: A 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus screen leaks – Apple iPhone x plus in the making

    Update: Since November, 2017, rumored spread out that Apple’s iPhone X successor would be arriving in 2018 and maybe, this is the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus screen leaks.

    We are not sure if it is the real iPhone X plus as the screen size rumored leak is just a larger display in the same style as Apple’s existing iPhone X screen with the notch design, camera etc. This is the rumored image from MacX thread;

    iPhone X Plus screen leaks

    his is going to be one of the biggest rumor -only if it turns out to be true tho- Speculation circulating says that Apple is making 2 larger iPhone X design next year.

    Recall that iPhone X is the latest flagship phone from Apple that went on Sale on the 3rd of November with a lot of specs, including the Face ID, Wireless Charging, Edge-to-Edge Screen and many others.

    If this turns out to be true, Rumors on the screen size of the iPhone X successors, says one will feature the same screen size of 5.8 inch, another will feature 6.5 inch which might debuts as iPhone X Plus!

    More speculations says that both are expected to feature OLED displays. And the third 6.1-inch model designed to take on the mid-range phone market will feature a lower resolution LCD display and come with a price tag of about $650-$750.

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    Apple iPhone X

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