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Apple is making more money – See how they generate the income

    Apparently, Apple is making more money selling fewer things, although, they have not been any launch of new iPhone Flagship series except the Red iPhone and refreshed iPhone but it is still making some cool cash.

    In Q2 Apple Sold fewer iPhones than last year, but also made more money. Apple sold a total of 50.76 million iPhones over the second quarter of the year. But that’s still down from the 51 million phones it sold this time last year.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company saw “continued robust demand for iPhone 7 Plus” and “strong momentum of our services business, with our highest revenue ever for a 13-week quarter.”

    On the other hand, Apple’s revenue from the iPhone increased, albeit just as slightly as the sales numbers decreased. Sales in Europe and China were down year-over-year, but the Americas, Japan, and rest of the Asia Pacific were up.

    apple iphone 8

    Apple sold fewer iPhones in Q2 than Q1, as always, but also sold fewer phones than in Q2 of 2016. However, the company made more money off the iPhones it did sell this quarter over last—$33.25 billion vs. $32.86 billion, to be precise.

    That indicates that perhaps people are choosing the more expensive 7 Plus when they upgrade. Apple sold 4.2 million Macs, up from 4 percent year-over-year. iPad sales were down 13 percent, but revenue from other products (which includes the Apple Watch) was up 31 percent.

    But it’s still America’s most valuable company, and its market cap on Tuesday hit $776.59 billion. The company is also sitting on more $250 billion in cash. In the March quarter, Apple made more than $7 billion from services.