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Apple may remove all the ports in its 2021 iPhone lineup

    Its been an awesome year for Apple, especially after announcing the iPhone 11 series, which are iPhone 11, iPhone 11 PRO, and iPhone 11 PRO Max.

    But 2020 and 2021 might turn out to be exclusive years for the company, as they are reportedly planning on releasing an iPhone in 2021 but will remove all the entire ports, 9to5mac noted.

    This was predicted by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, and he also foresaw the 2020 future of the company. Where he said that they will be 4 OLED iPhones in 2020.

    We lost the first Apple’s iconic charger for the iPhone 1, got the Lightning port since its first introduction on the iPhone 5 in 2013. Also, the 3.5mm but all the ports in 2021 might be gone!

    Kuo predicts 2020 and 2021 iPhone lineup

    But in 2021, Apple’s flagship iPhones might kill off the Lightning port, and no, they aren’t going to incorporate the USB-C because they are will most likely come with zero ports.

    For the 2020 iPhones, Apple won’t just plaster an OLED screen display on all the iPhones, as Ming-Chi Kuo noted. It may include the SE 2 with a 4.7-inch LCD display and an iPhone 8 identical variants.

    Kuo noted that there’ll be a lower-end dual-camera model like the iPhone 11 but in two different sizes -6.1-inch size and another smaller 5.4-inch size.

    Others include the 4 OLED display with a 5G network, an iPhone 11 PRO and iPhone 11 PRO Max identical ultra-high-end triple-camera model with ToF technology, in either a 6.1-inch model and a 6.7-inch model.

    Apple is about to experience the best innovation of the time. Okay, 2021 is still far enough but when it does arrive with a portless iPhone wireless lineup, this will modify the technology industry and will change its form forever.