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Apple pulled more than 47,000 games from Chinese App Store

    More than 47,000 games were removed from the Apple Chinese App Store by the company earlier this month, and this is a result of tensions between the US and China.

    The Trump administration might have a strong effect on this action and has even made doing business in the US a little bit harder for some Chinese tech companies.

    Before now, Trump has been on the war with Chinese phone maker Huawei. Earlier this month, US President Trump issued executive orders that would ban ByteDance’s TikTok and Tencent’s WeChat, owned by Chinese tech giants in the US.

    Well, Apple services with the Chinese government has always been on the spin. Apple has first negotiated with the government to not share the source code for iOS.

    However, Apple announced it would begin removing paid games from the Apple App Store in China that had not secured a game license from the government by July 1, and this might be one of the reasons for such numbers.

    Apple App Store

    Six months after Apple opened its new iBookstore and iTunes Movies in China, the Chinese regulators forced Apple to shut them down in April 2016.

    According to the report, Foreign app stores in China are normally required to be joint ventures with a Chinese partner that’s a majority owner and operator, but Apple operates the App Store on its own.

    Well, The Information reported that Apple’s China loopholes are beginning to close. These are loopholes that are being exploited by Apple in previous years. With China on the radar, Apple’s future in the country is on the edge.

    Recently, Apple introduced a new policy in the country, and it has not even been approved by the Chinese regulators. The policy eliminates a loophole that previously allowed paid games and games with in-app purchases to be sold.