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Apple removes Like Patrol, an Instagram stalking app from its store

    Instagram stalking app, Like Patrol has been removed from Apple store. It is not available on Google Play store and Apple recently pulled the app from their store.

    Te app stalked users on Instagram and allowed those who downloaded it to scrape information from the Facebook-owned platform about the activity of other users.

    Before Apple removed the Like patrol from its store, Instagram had already started cracking down on this apps. “It’s monitoring a person’s activities, compiling it and sending it as a report,” said Wendy Zamora, editor-in-chief of cybersecurity company Malwarebytes.

    Instagram killed its own “Following tab” and rolled rolled out a new mode called “Restrict” globally. This features let users stop people who bully them via offensive posts or abusive comments, by just swiping left on a comment, through the Privacy tab in Settings, or directly on the profile of the account you intend to restrict.


    Anyways, pulling the Like Patrol app from the app store, Apple said that the app violated its guidelines. Sergio Luis Quintero, founder of “Like Patrol”, was quoted as saying that they will fight to get back on the App Store.

    Like Patrol makes spying on Instagram easier, with $80 per year will get you notifications anytime someone they followed commented on or liked a photo. It is for people in relationships to know their whereabouts.

    According to CNET, Like Patrol’s founder, Sergio Luis Quintero, said that the company will fight to get back on the App Store.

    “We strongly believe that our app does not violate Apple policies, we plan to appeal this decision in the coming days,” he said. “If our app’s functionality did violate any policies, then Instagram would have violated the exact same policies since 2011 to 2019 with the Following tab. Why weren’t they taken down?”

    Like Patrol is just one out of the top 5 Instagram stalker app, and similar to other ones, it allows users to keep tabs on partners activity on Instagram.