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Apple said Motorcycle engine vibrations can degrade the performance of iPhone camera

    In a more recent update, the Cupertino tech giant, Apple made a new discovery, which the Smartphone maker obviously said that vibrations coming from sitting on a Motorcycle is able to degrade the performance of your iPhone camera.

    Well, this isn’t breaking the camera lens, but Apple specifically said that the High amplitude vibrations can cause problems for the cameras’ gyroscopes. The new discovery was mentioned through Apple’s Support Forum.

    The company said “specifically those generated by high-power motorcycle engines” could degrade the devices’ camera system. On that basis, Apple recommends against mounting an iPhone on a motorcycle, as the vibrations may be transmitted via the bike’s handlebars and chassis.

    Apple iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max cameras

    MacRumors said that the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, and all iPhones since the iPhone 7 have support for both optical image stabilization and closed-loop autofocus, and these features are also vulnerable to magnetic interference from some iPhone accessories.

    TheVerge noted that Apple warned about this earlier this year, but removing the accessories should take care of that issue. Apple said:

    If you accidentally move a camera when you take a picture, the resulting image can be blurry. To prevent this, some iPhone models have optical image stabilization (OIS).1 OIS lets you take sharp photos even if you accidentally move the camera. With OIS, a gyroscope senses that the camera moved. To reduce image motion, and the resulting blur, the lens moves according to the angle of the gyroscope.

    Additionally, some iPhone models have closed-loop autofocus (AF).2 Closed-loop AF resists the effects of gravity and vibration to preserve sharp focus in stills, videos, and panoramas. With closed-loop AF, on-board magnetic sensors measure gravity and vibration effects and determine the lens position so that the compensating motion can be set accurately.

    The OIS and closed-loop AF systems in iPhone are designed for durability. However, as is the case with many consumer electronics that include systems like OIS, long-term direct exposure to high-amplitude vibrations within certain frequency ranges may degrade the performance of these systems and lead to reduced image quality for photos and videos. It is recommended to avoid exposing your iPhone to extended high-amplitude vibrations.