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Aura band tracks your body activities, heart sensor and advises you!

    Generally, wearable fitness devices are absolutely good for your health, as it simultaneously takes time to read all about your fitness activities for that day, including other non-fitness stuff and then gives you the result at the end of the day.

    One thing about the AURA Band is that, it focuses on real-time information about activity and your body’s state, allowing you to make actionable decisions about your health. Aura band basically brings back better real-time feedback!

    The band comes in a 20g aluminum case with either a nylon, leather or sport band, gives you five days of battery life. Also attached to it, is accelerometers, a gyroscope, a barometer, the heart rate sensor and a bioimpedance processor.

    As stated on kickstarter, the AURA Band is the first smart band that tracks your body composition, hydration levels, heart rate and activity and rewards you for it. With AURA Band you can set defined goals, track progress and achieve them.

    Aura band

    And also, you can even send your AURA Band data directly to your insurance company, fitness center or personal doctor Apart from reading your activities including exercising, the band also detect what you’re doing, whether that be a simple jog or hiking.

    The band comes with a bioimpedance analysis, that combines an activity tracker and a heart-rate monitor. The app ask you to create a loop with their arms. The AURA Band then passes through a low-voltage current through your body, from which it takes an “active and reactive measurement” of the resistance in your tissues.

    The band focuses on hydration, fat, muscle mass, and minerals, after taking the data, toss it in with heart beat and blood oxygen level, analyze it and give you advice about how to live a healthier life.

    Anyway, you might want to know that, it is IP66 rated, that is protected from dust and water! At first, the band allows you to earn some coins but right now, it is no longer available!