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How well do you like the sound of Banana phone?

    Search for Banana phone on Google, and the Nokia 8110 4G banana-like phone image will appear on your device screen but this is a real-time banana phone!

    It isn’t a real phone, neither is it a real banana but it does answer call. In a short and clear sentence, Banana phone is just a Bluetooth headset that connects to your phone, but looks like banana.

    Well, we are in the era of seeing newer tech like earbuds, AirPods, newer phones like iPhone, Pixels, and Brian Brunsing, president of Banana Phone LLC picks this time to showcase its Banana Bluetooth phone.

    The features of a banana-shaped Bluetooth-enabled mobile handset, is to connects to your smartphone, to interact with your voice assistant (Siri & Google Assistant) and talk to your friends on a banana!

    Banana phone
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    It recharges from a traditional microUSB port, so don’t expect anything new or different. The company on its website, is boasting as the “World’s First Banana Shaped Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Handset”.

    The company is asking you to stop those texting, typing and focus more on “a little more conversation” and to even “forget Apple — that the real future of phone technology is banana”.

    It is just a phone accessories, like other devices that requires you to pair them with your phone Bluetooth to work. The Banana Bluetooth Phone is just one of them. But with shape of a Banana!

    Nevertheless, there is a new Banana phone that is right underway, and one of the biggest feature is the ability to play music that’s more louder and it comes with an improved battery life of 20 hours of talk time, up from 10 hours.

    Forget about the unavailability of basic phone features, like screen display but know that it is just a banana-shaped phone. The newer version will be seen around Black Friday, and still costs $39.99.