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This is real! Phone without battery sucks Power from Thin Air!

    battery-free cellphone from calls

    This is ridiculous! or should I say weird or whatsoever! But the truth there is that it is real. This phone is said to suck power from the thin air because it doesn’t have battery of its own.

    We might anyway, come around the Solar system battery phone and also the wireless charging pad but right now, this is something different. There is Something spectacular about this phone.

    Researchers from the University of Washington have developed the very first battery-free phone. Surprising if this phone should by any chance come to Nigeria, it will be highly patronized!

    “We’ve built what we believe is the first functioning cell phone that consumes almost zero power,” co-author Shyam Gollakota, an associate professor in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the UW told the University of Washington blog.

    According to the post on the University website, “this process consumes so much energy that it’s been impossible to design a phone that can rely on ambient power sources.”

    The researchers devised a way to use the tiny vibrations of the phone’s microphone and speaker to encode incoming and outgoing signals.

    According to them, the cell phone harvests its energy from radio signals sent out by a special base station and a tiny solar cell it has on board.

    But the researchers state that their base stations could be installed in cell towers and Wifi routers, to allow for the mobility we’re used to from our normal, boring, battery-powered cell phones.

    Due to the Power stuff in Nigeria. I would have specifically need this in my Back pocket! There are many other Interesting Stories, you want to Go through on this Website. CLICK HERE for more Interesting Tech News.