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Best 14 days data plans for all devices – Daily, 3 days, and 7days data guide

    We will review the best 14-day data plans for all telecoms in Nigeria. It is normally known that daily or 14 days (2 weeks) data plans are greatly awesome.

    It allows you to browse both heavily and lightly, and you can basically activate any of the following plans from the comfort of your home, via your mobile phone, and use it on any phone with LTE support.

    In this article, we will also review 7days plans, and the best daily, 2days, and 3-day plans also. Meanwhile, we will direct you to our complete data guide for all the networks in the country.

    14 days data plans

    All 14-days Data Plans

    Under this category, we will list out all the 14days, or 2weeks plans for Airtel, and Glo. However, if you have other options, you can still say it via the comment box,

    Airtel 14-days plan – Airtel only offers a single 14-day plan, that gives you 750MB for N500, valid for 14 days. To activate this plan, you can dial *141*500#.

    Glo 14-day plan – Like Airtel, Glo Nigeria still offers a single 2-week data plan, which gives you 1.05GB (800MB + 250MB) for N500. But new customers can get 1.8GB (1.6GB + 200 MB Night).

    MTN 14-days plan – With N500, you get 750MB for 14 days. Text 103 to 131 to activate. It is the only 2weeks plan available on the MTN network.

    As of the time of publishing this article, it is only Airtel, MTN, and GLO that offer a 2weeks data plan option. Meanwhile, the other networks offer other data incentives.

    glo bundle plan 777

    All 7-days Data Plans

    When it comes to this side of the coin, Airtel and Glo try to offer the best. While the likes of NTEL do justice to the unlimited side of 7days data plans.

    Airtel 7days plan: There is N300 for 350MB, dial *141*300# to activate, N500 for 1GB, dial *141*502# to activate, and N1500 for 6GB, dial *141*1504# to activate. These plans are valid for 7days straight.

    Glo 7days plan: The Glo weekly plan is the 7GB for N1500, dial *777# to activate. There is the Glo Campus Data Booster that offers 500MB for N500/7 days, which gives you 1.12GB of On-campus data, 125MB of free data for sharing, and N500 Glo to Glo Bonus.

    NTEL 7days plan: And then this is Ntel unlimited 7 days plan for N5,200. Where you enjoy high-speed internet access for 7 days. You have to visit Ntel to activate this plan.

    MTN 7days plan: Get 350MB for N300, text 102 to 131, 1GB for N500, text 142 to 131. While the best is the 6GB for N1500, text 143 to 131 to activate.

    9mobile 7days plan: There is the 7GB + social plan for N1500, dial *229*2*2# to activate, 1GB + social for N500, dial *229*2*1# to activate and 250MB for N200, dial *229*2*10# or sms AND11 to 229 to activate.

    MTN data

    Best Daily Plans

    The best on Airtel is the daily N300 for 1GB, dial *141*354# to activate.

    The best on GLO is either the daily 1GB for N300 or 1.25GB for N200/ Sunday. You can dial *777# to activate any of the plans.

    The best on MTN is the daily 1GB for N300, text 155 to 131 to activate, or 2-days 2GB for N500, text 154 to 131 to activate.

    The best on 9mobile is the 3days valid 2GB + social plan for N500, dial *229*3*4# to activate, or 1GB + social plan dial *229*3*3# to activate.

    While on the other hand, NTEL is offering an unlimited data plan for only N1,500, which is valid for 2-days only. To activate this plan, you have to purchase it online.