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Best Air Conditioners Brands to Buy in Nigeria for our Homes and Offices

    Best Air Conditioners Brands in Nigeria: Electronic companies are getting smarter and bigger as the day goes by but the issue here is how can you possibly try to get the best Air conditioner (A/C) for your room or office without spending too much? Don’t worry about it a single bit, in this short and comprehensive article, I will show you the complete guide and best companies.

    Air conditioners are incredibly awesome during summer or heat / dry season. This particular equipment can mostly be seen in banks, prosperous offices, and few houses.

    You can also find them in wealthy men’s houses but they are numerous good affordable air conditioners and they can also be in your home, especially when you are on a budget. These are the Best Air Conditioners Brands in Nigeria.

    If you are new to buying Air conditioners, then you can possibly go through our Air Conditioners Buying Guide article to know more about how to choose the Best Air Conditioners Brands in Nigeria, the types, how it works and other things to consider.

    Haier Thermocool - Air Conditioners
    Haier Thermocool – Air Conditioners

    Haier Thermocool – Air Conditioners

    Haier Thermcool is one of the best companies that produce and manufacture good Air Conditioners and they are price-wise. Affordable for everyone, good for offices, homes, and organizations. The company specializes in different types of Air Conditioners and they include;

    • Window Air Conditioners
    • Split Air Conditioners
    • Package Air Conditioners

    Haier Thermocool A/C provides an adequate and comfortable system for everyone. With the different types of Haier Thermocool air conditioners, you can feel relaxed at home, under the cool air flowing from the A/C.

    Depending on the types of Air conditioners, you can purchase any of the Haier Thermocool – Air Conditioners within the range of N80k – N300k (starting from Split Air Conditioners – Package Air Conditioner).

    Please, you are expected to purchase Haier Thermocool A/C from authorized online stores or look for official retailers around you.


    LG Air Conditioners

    Another company to look for when trying to purchase a dignified Air conditioner is LG Electronics. They specialize in providing comfortable home appliances and Air conditioners is one of them and sincerely, their works are almost perfect.

    LG Electronics are interested in manufacturing different types of A/C and they include;

    • Floor Standing Air Conditioners
    • Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners
    • Duct Air Conditioners
    • Convertible Air Conditioners

    LG Air Conditioners look stylish and it is more affordable, easy to set up and they have different colors, sizes for every home space. LG’s air conditioning solutions provide significant energy savings, powerful cooling, and true comfort.

    The prices of LG A/C ranges from N70k – N340,500 (starting from Window A/C – Floor Standing A/C). Do you have any questions concerning LG? You can call this number 0800 9811 5454.

    Midea Air Conditioner
    Midea Air Conditioner

    Midea Air Conditioners

    Midea is a Chinese commercial company that manufactures large and small electrical appliances but the company’s Air Conditioners are way more powerful and preferable than most Chinese products.

    The company might be based in Chine but you can get it right in Nigeria. They produce A/C for affordable prices and if you are on a budget, you can possibly get it right now from authorized online and offline stores.

    Midea offers refreshingly energy-efficient, quiet and durable, air conditioning systems for homes, offices, and large spaces to keep you cool all through the day and they have more than 3000+ trade partners in Nigeria.

    Midea Air Conditioners is a leading global brand in air conditioning. Media is also a popular brand of air conditioners in Nigeria. And like other companies, they manufacture different colors stylish A/C.

    Unlike others, they are known for portable and split unit air conditioners. The prices range from N80k – N195k. And can be purchased right now!


    Samsung Air Conditioners

    The most comfortable cooling experience that you can ever imagine is the Samsung Air Conditioners. There is a huge cooling capacity and the magic air it springs out is clean, fresh, and healthy.

    The Samsung Triangle Split A/C seems to be the best-selling A/C and it definitely looks amazing and stylish in design. Although Samsung might be too good in the Smartphone business they also have a remarkable presence in A/C markets.

    Apart from the Split Unit A/C, you can also get the Windows A/C and they have normal power consumption on heat and cooling. Samsung Air Conditioners are priced within the range of N82k – N639,500.

    Scanfrost Air Conditioner
    Scanfrost Air Conditioner

    Scanfrost Air Conditioners

    Unlike any other company, the Scanfrost provides a more comfortable and preferable Air conditioner for homes and offices. They are highly professional in what they are producing.

    ScanFrost A/C gives you as the end-users sweet magical air, cools your home unconditionally, and yep, it is more affordable and budget-friendly when it comes to the pricing aspect. There are Air coolers, Tower, and Split Unit A/C options.

    Scanfrost Air conditioners are priced within the range of N50k – N179,999 and they have prominent stores all over Nigeria with official dealers.

    Nexus Air Conditioners
    Nexus Air Conditioners

    Nexus Air Conditioners

    With the Nexus Air conditioners, your home, office, or any sort of apartment must have adequate all-around cooling. The fresh healthy ventilation air coming out of the powerful Nexus cooling system will keep you amazed and value for your money.

    There is a company called Newcastle and they manufacture A/C but it won’t be listed here. They are among the worst company, I’ve ever tested, installed it and within two months or so, it automatically stopped distributing the cool air but Nexus has been wonderful.

    You can get the Nexus Air Conditioners right now, they have the Split Unit and Floor standing AC, that fits into every space in any home or office. And they are being priced around N65k – N95k range.

    panasonic air conditioners
    Panasonic air conditioners

    Panasonic Air Conditioners

    Panasonic is a Japanese electronics corporation but with a strong presence in Nigeria. You can basically get any of the company’s Air conditioners in Nigeria without stress or fatigue.

    They specialize in different types of AC and they include:

    • Split Unit
    • Standing Unit
    • Window & Ceiling Unit

    Although, the Split Unit might be the biggest in its industry you can still look through your list of choices and find the best option suitable for your room or office. Either the split (wall), standing, or window (ceiling) unit.

    I won’t confidentially tell you that their products are affordable and budget-friendly but they are the best in their own world, best among the realistic competitors. Panasonic Air conditioners costs around N95k – N639k. For the best price, you can visit the company’s official retailer stores around your area.

    Polystar Air conditioners
    Polystar Air conditioners

    Polystar Air Conditioners

    They are all you could think of, cheap, affordable, budget-friendly, lasts longer, normal cooling technology, suitable sizes for all platforms of establishments.

    Polystar electronics are the best known for manufacturing amazing Air conditioners. They have over 100+ products scattered all over the nations and yes, there is the;

    • Floor-standing AC
    • Split Unit Air AC
    • Window Unit AC
    • Mobile AC

    Portability, durability, easy control and installation, are all you could get from the Polystar companies. You can get the Polystar Air conditioners from any authorized offline or online stores and they cost within the price range of N65k – N179,000, starting from the Mobile AC – Floor standing AC.

    Sharp Air Conditioners
    Sharp Air Conditioners

    Sharp Air Conditioners

    Just as the name implies, Sharp is among the best top-rated companies to introduce world-class Air conditioners and they have lots of products in Nigeria and they are all affordable and budget-friendly.

    They have a broader range of Air conditioners for your homes, rooms, offices, and every suitable apartment. It makes everywhere conducive with its magic spreading AC.

    Like Panasonic, they are from Japan and you know how good, any company from Japan is. They put their best interest in whatever products, they are manufacturing. You can buy Sharp Air Conditioners from N68k – N125k from any official retailer store around you.

    Hisense Air Conditioners
    Hisense Air Conditioners

    Hisense Air Conditioners

    Here is another amazing Chinese company that manufactures one of the best cooling systems for homes and offices. Hisense Air Conditioners are suitable for every apartment and if they are no space on the floor, you have the split unit air conditioners.

    The company manufactures different types and they include:
    • On / Off Split Unit AC
    • Inverter Split Unit AC
    • Window Unit AC

    Like many other companies out there, Hisense also has portable and dehumidifier Air Conditioners that suit your choice of need but people no longer urge for dehumidifier anymore but anyways, it is your choice.

    You can get any of the Hisense Air Conditioners within the price range of N65k – N200k at any officially authorized retailer stores.

    You can also check out the Best Rechargeable Fans and Ceiling Fans Prices in Nigeria.

    This is a comprehensive list of the Best Air Conditioners Brands in Nigeria, affordable and high-end Air conditioners for your homes, rooms, offices, and any other desired apartment.