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Best Emoji Ever – Download the Naija Emoji on your Android

       Emoji keyboards are now widely acceptance in all nations, countries, states and here I am introducing to you the latest and funniest Emoji from Joshua Tutu. You can download the app from itunes or Google Playstore.

    Following the controversy in Nigeria, Emoji Naija just launched thee funniest Emoji for all Nigerians and I love using Emoji, it makes your status short and interesting for someone to read.

    naija emoji

    The Emoji comes in Pigin. It is a Pigin English-themed stickers, arrives with a animated Nigerian popular faces and celebrity characters accompanied by familiar pidgin English phrases.

    One thing about Naija Emoji is that, it lets you share custom emojis with your friends. These can be shared on text messages, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms.

    How to Download the Naija Emoji on your Android and Apple Devices

    Please note that, All characters including real people are all fictional. Naija Emoji is the new emoji keyboard that is unique to the Nigerian and African community. Naija Emoji lets you share custom emojis with your friends.

    naija emoji

    You can now download from iTunes or from Google Playstore.

    Naija Emoji (Nigerian Emoji) launched for free download on Android and Apple devices. All you have to is to follow the above download link and get it installed on your device. It is just 15.8MB in file size.