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Best Live streaming apps to watch sports for Android phones

    Looking for the best Android app to stream online sports, football matches on your Android Smartphone? Fortunately, here is the top Android apps / websites to watch Live matches and most of them are free.

    Indeed, watching matches online is seriously an issue especially, when there is low internet connection, the app will be forced to go with either 2G or 3G network, hence, causing buffering and the rest.

    There are numerous reason, why you should live stream matches; you are not at home, where you could sit and enjoy through your Satellite Pay TV subscription channel.

    So, today, we will list out the necessary apps that can help you live stream matches, cricket matches, basketball matches, live stream Russia 2018 World cup, LaLiga Santander, Bundesliga League, Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A and many others.

    football live stream


    Like it or not, the RedBox app is available on Google Playstore right now, and it allows you to live stream football and sports. Reserve the latest movies and games so they are ready for you to pick up at nearby Redbox locations. You can also use the app to stream and download On Demand digital content from your library.

    Moko Live Sport

    Moko Live Sport is one of the best apps to live stream matches online. At first, there were few disturbances during matches, but thankfully, there have fixed the issue.

    Your favorite sports are been taken care of. The app is lite, can live stream on mobile, and the buffer rate is definitely awesome. It is one of the best Mobile TV For Android.

    With this app, you have the opportunity to watch the World Cup 2018, English Premier League, La Liga etc. Moko Live Stream brings quality live streams to your view. It loads a database of sports TV channels compatible with your mobile device.

    Go ahead and Download HERE via Google Playstore

    Mobdro app

    Mobdro is one of the best streaming Android, PC, iPhone app and software that allows you watch TV shows, movies, sports, or live news with high definition quality video ranging from 720p, 1080p to standard definition quality, and it also runs on Kindle Fire.

    Indeed, Mobdro is among the top best popular live streaming apps. The app is available both in Free mode and premium mode. One of the best app from which we can watch live football game, and there is no ads.

    You can watch anything that you wish to see. It can be football game, movies, videos, programs and other popular sports channels. Stream Live online using Mobdro app.

    This app is one of the best Youtube video streaming software found on the internet. Make use of this freemium app to stream online videos, movies etc in High Definition.

    You can NOT download the app from Google playstore, search for it on the internet.


    Among many others, there is also the Crackle app, it is another free streaming platform for your movies, football. The Crackle is a free app available in Google Play Store to stream TV shows and movies online. But this app doesn’t have the download option.

    But given its wide range of movies and TV Programs categorized under different genres. There is the quick loading and it support HD quality and also allows all other resolution viewing.

    Very easy to handle and operate. Download the Crackle HERE via Google Play Store.

    GBP Sports

    Another is the GBP Sports app that only works for Android phones, with this app, you can watch almost all the live sports events. It provides super clear video content for your matches.

    Sports channels that are available in this app, are quite stable and clear, and there are hundreds of other channels for you to watch.

    There’s the trial account and the paid subscription one, but nevertheless, the GBP Sports doesn’t support ads. It is there, waiting for you to activate and start streaming your favorite sports.

    GBP Sports App offers live football streaming for Premier League, FIFA World Cup, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, NFL, AFC Champions League, Copa Libertadores, MLS.

    Later, it will expand its reach to both PC and laptop. To get started, visit the official website HERE.

    UKTVnow – Mobile TV

    Does it sound weird? Don’t worry, the UKTVnow is one of the best and fastest live streaming apps for Android. With the app downloaded and installed on your Android device, you can stream
    movies, Tv shows, live sport, news etc.

    It supports live streaming channels such as Movies, Entertainment, Music, News, Sports, Documentary Kids, Food and of course, the app can also be used to watch World cup, footballs matches, cricket and many others.

    It is only available for Android devices. Download the UKTVnow from the company’s official website, HERE.


    Looking for the best live streaming app for your device? The ESPN is one of them! It is a well known live streaming app and very popular in the world.

    Currently, the company boasts of 100 million viewers in US per month and the range is increasing with each passing day. They can even pass as the leading services as a sports broadcaster.

    It has many stable channels like ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN Classic. All stay active 24 hours and they offer effective detailing about wide variety of sports events, news and other analytics.

    It is available for all platform, website, PC, Android, iPhones and many others. Visit the official website, HERE, to view your preferences.

    Others includes

    As noted above, there are many other live streaming websites, apps, software for all devices. And others that weren’t list above includes;

    *. Sport Live Stream: This app covers virtually all the sports, football, tennis, rugby, baseball, volleyballs, hockey, basketball, soccer. The app updates the links to the streams automatically every few minutes for a smooth, interruption-free user experience. Search for Sport Live stream by LuckyAppz to download.

    *. SopCast Live: Among the best live streaming apps for your Android phones, it allows you to watch and broadcast video and audio files. SopCast offers a broad choice of channels, organized by categories. Search for on the internet to download.

    Apart from Android phones, you can also live stream matches via website such as Ustream, FirstRow Sports and Stream2Watch. Definitely, you are covered on any device, you choose. Kodi app would have been mentioned here, but users complain that the settings or tutorials to follow, are extremely too much.