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BingoFit Epic Fitness Tracker Smart Watch for $39.99 – Unboxing, and Review

    Days turned into Weeks, Weeks into Months and here we are still cruising a $39.99 portable Smartwatch but with a slight fault. This is the BingoFit Epic Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Unboxing, and Review. Below contains the review and quick specs.

    If you don’t know, BingoFit is a passionate team founded on the principles of innovation, convenience, performance, value, and service. According to them, they are dedicated to make products to empower and inspire you to live a healthier, easier, more active life.

    Well, I have been using the BingoFit Epic Fitness Smartwatch for a couple of months and I can confidently say that it is stunning. But the lifting hands up to check the time or date is something that isn’t appreciable, although, you can’t compare to the Always-ON display on Apple Watch Series 5.

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    BingoFit Epic Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Specs

    *. Display: 1.3 inch color screen
    *. Brightness Level Adjustment
    *. Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Monitor
    *. All Day Activity and Sleep Tracker
    *. Activity Tracker, Waterproof Pedometer Watch with Sleep Monitor, Step Counter
    *. Call and Message Notifications
    *. Supported app: Download EveryFit from APP Store or Google Play, requires Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or above (not for tablet or PC).

    BingoFit Epic Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

    Like most Smart watch out there, the BingoFitt Epic is a pure Fitness Watch, which provides the stable ultimatum conditions to stay healthy.

    How will you expect a $39.99 fitness Smart watch to look? I can purely describe the design of the Smartwatch as “Smart Design” with a customized Dial Face, and Weather Display.

    One of the best feature that makes me to love the BingoFit Epic Fitness Smartwatch is the active sensor, and much more preferable when compared to the UMIDIGI Uwatch2 that costs $29.99 per unit on Amazon.

    Unboxing – What is inside the BingoFit box?

    Nothing much of a surprise, they includes:

    *. One single Smart watch
    *. Charger
    *. Screw-pin
    *. Free screen protector
    *. Manual
    *. A paper biometric app downloads

    BingoFit Epic Fitness Tracker Smart Watch3

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    This is what $39.99 can give you. Having all this in mind, lets quickly go through the design, specifications, features and its review.

    That Charcoal Weaving strap design is epic

    Well, I got the BingoFit Epic Fitness Tracker Smart watch in Charcoal Weaving, which is definitely stunning, considering the amount of dedicated time put in to bring out the beauty of both worlds, Smartwatch and leather watch!

    The Charcoal Weaving design is amusing, but I already used the Silver color option of the BingoFit Epic Smartwatch, which was my first. Although, the weaving ropes sometimes peel out one-by-one, which can take over a year to pull out completely.

    Aside from that, the watch Charcoal weaving straps is definitely impressive. But if you are not a fan of leather watch, you can also go for either the Black, Pink, Purple, or Silver color options, still for the same price. I also have them aside from the Purple.

    According to the company, the wrist size ranges from 5.9 inch to 9.4 inch, which means that it can fits kids, men and women adequately without any form of any sloppy bagging.

    Meanwhile, the company added a home button at the side of the watch. Which quickly goes back to the homepage, displaying dates, time, and other health feature. Well, after one month of using mine, it got damaged! That was my first problem, home button no longer working.

    The watch build looks premium, having that look of top-end $300+ Smart watch design, especially the solidness of the watch, including the feel.

    Accurate 1.3 inch HD Screen Display

    We then have the 1.3 inch HD Color high quality screen for magnificent clear display, along with 6-level of screen brightness adjustment, allowing you to see the display under any sort of condition, especially under the sun.

    Be it strong sunlight, BingoFit Epic Smart watch got you covered as you can clearly see the content inside the screen display.

    BingoFit Epic Fitness Tracker Smart Watch4

    Understand that the watch is not completely touch screen, as there is a round circular in-screen button that can be used to navigate the watch, by either tapping it once, or holding it down to open menu,

    Like most watches out there, it is also rated IP67 Waterproof resistant for sweat, rain, splash proof but you just have to avoid it swimming.

    The watch comes with three optional different display, and it can be changed from inside the watch or via the app. To make it look cool, you can also choose the customized the display with either your picture of something totally different.

    Several types of Sports/Training Modes

    When the Smart watch switched on, the first screen display is the home, where you can see the date, time and other necessary health feature. Then the next display is the SPORTS.

    The sports display shows you every fitness activity you’ve practice that time, or day. Especially the walking mode, allowing to see how many steps you have taken so far.

    But tap to the training mode, and hold on the in-screen circular button, you’ll see other training modes such as: Walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Badminton, Basketball and Football.

    If you are set to begin any of this training, just tap and hold on the button and the mode training will begin automatically. They have everything set for you!

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    Alerts, Reminder, Camera and Music control

    The next four major features are also available inside the Smartwatch. You can easily get notifications, such as alerts from messages, reminders and others.

    Another interesting feature is the camera and music control. These feature helps you to easily take a photo shoot and pause/play your music from your Smartwatch. But either Camera or Music app must be opened to make this feature work.

    BingoFit Epic Fitness Tracker Smart Watch5

    Heart Rate, Calories, and Sleep Monitor

    Like expected, there is the Heart Rate Monitor, calories burned, GPS tracking, and IP68 Waterproof Pedometer Watch with Sleep Monitor.

    Tracking your sleep time and quality in the night is quite amazing, but the company mentioned that it only monitors the night sleep and nothing more.

    If you are curious, you can easily see the current tracking data in the watch and the history data in the app. This is for the sleep, training, sports mode, and others.

    Good battery standby time

    The BingoFit Epic Fitness Smart watch arrives with a 170mAh lithium LiON battery capacity. And boasts of a 7 days standby time and 2 hours charging time.

    It can be charged with its own separate charger, with no need of taking the strap off. Well, it took more time to fully charge the Smartwatch. The battery is not the best feature, as it doesn’t last more 5days.
    P.S: You must charge the Smartwatch after unboxing.

    In order to allow the Smartwatch to display accurate dates, time, and to keep track of your daily activities, then you can easily download the EveryFit from APP Store or Google Play, switch on your Bluetooth and pair your Smartphone and Smartphone together.

    P.S: The app requires Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or above to function well.

    BingoFit Epic Fitness Tracker Smart Watch1