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TransferZero, a Madrid-based Money Transfer Platform Acquired by Kenya’s BitPesa

    It is really inspiring to note that one of the most prominent company in Kenya made their first acquisition by coming in an agreement of having TransferZero, a Madrid-Based Money Transfer Platform as one of their expansion across Africa.

    This is BitPesa, Kenya’s blockchain payment and digital exchange platform, who decided in a board meeting to expand their reach across the nation by purchasing a Madrid-based Money Transfer Platform known as TransferZero! No terms were disclosed as it is a close deal!

    It is worthy to note that, BitPesa was launched in 2013 and their already making it big in the exchange market in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Senegal, the DRC and U.K.

    TransferZero are popularly known to as an Madrid-European company that specializes fully in money transfers from person to person and companies across 200 countries using over 50 different currencies.


    Rossiello pointed to changing regulations around the world and Europe, and specifically in countries like Switzerland, that have become more accommodating to blockchain technology in the banking sector.

    In statement from the management, founder and CEO of BitPesa, Elizabeth Rossiello, says;

    “Digital currencies and decentralized technology have hit critical mass in the financial services and payments space. It is no longer a question of whether this technology will have staying power – rather, which specific technology and what product iteration will launch and scale first. Europe is a hub for global remittance and payments companies,”

    And they are looking forward to expanding their reach and acquisition from the two continent, Africa and Europe to many other countries and continents in the years to come.