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Bluboo S2 with Rotatable Camera for both Selfie and Rear Camera

    It is very impressive that every phone makers are all looking for a new innovation to counter-attack the notch display design on Android Smartphones, which arrived first on both iPhone X and Essential Phone. This is the Bluboo S2 Android powered Smartphone.

    Although, during the MWC 2018, Vivo came up with a concept phone called Apex that allows you capture your selfie pictures with pop-up 8MP camera from inside the panel and it looks like everything is in-built inside the phone which includes the sounds.

    So today, we are introducing to you the latest Bluboo phone, a Chinese company that was present during the Mobile World Congress, 2018. They launched the Bluboo S2 with rotation camera!


    It is very obvious that Bluboo decided to come up with more exotic, innovative take on how to deal with the lack of a top bezel, that is the notch display! Hence, making it to arrive with one camera, which serves as both front selfie and rear camera.

    The Bluboo S2 comes with an enlightening design which sports rather thin bezels all around but there is a slight bezel below the display. One feature that makes the Bluboo phone more enticing is its rotatable camera.

    The phone also sports a rear-facing fingerprint scanner, and a dual-LED, dual-tone flash above it. The outstanding camera is the 21 MP sensor made by Sony.

    When looking at it, the phone camera lays on the back of the phone, just where your regular main camera usually resides. But when you are about taking a selfie, it just flip and turn it around towards yourself.

    Bluboo S2 – Key Specs

    *. Display: 6-inch fullHD+ (2160 x 1080) 18:9 display
    *. OS: Android 8.1 Oreo
    *. Camera: 21-megapixel Sony camera
    *. Body Build: Metal
    *. PPI: Pixel density of 402 pixels per inch
    *. Battery: 4,200 mAh
    *. RAM: 4GB
    *. Storage: 64GB storage space
    *. Processor: Octa-core

    There is claim that Bluboo should have watched the fate of Oppo when launching this phone because it might turn around and hurt the company as it is a rotatable camera, the panels might come crushing having one issue at one time or the other.

    However, the company had a say on that, they claims that the part that rotates, is made out of ‘reinforced materials’ and it is quite durable. BLUBOO says that this phone’s camera can be rotated up to 100,000 times.

    Bluboo S2 phone

    It sounds well that Bluboo was able to face that but, there is remaining question, how long would it take you to make 100,000 selfies?

    And also, during the MWC 2018, BLUBOO also launched the S3, D5, and RX smartphones. The S2 should be available for sale from April. You really want a rotatable phone then wait for the Bluboo S2! As of the time of publishing this article, the price is not yet fixed.