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This BOE’s 6.18-inch OLED Screen looks like iPhone X!

    Cloning isn’t a new thing but right now, this new BOE’s 6.18-inch OLED Screen definitely looks like the newly launched Apple iPhone X.

    Definitely, Mobile Phones producers are always cloning popular brands, either looking for collaboration, popularity or trying to produce the same physical design for cheaper price.

    Well, BOE’s fell into those looking for a business permit with Apple for OLED Panel Screen. But, we don’t see that happening as, Apple would like to maintain the business with Samsung.

    BOE’s 6.18-inch OLED Screen

    BOE’s is company that also manufactures OLED screens and has surprised to show a screen of more than six inches.

    The new phone arrives with a 6.18 inches 2992 × 1440 pixel, classic 16:9 with a 537 DPI and the brightness that can develop is 390 nits.