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How to easily shop and buy any products from Gearbest to Nigeria

    As a citizen of Nigeria, you may have shopped and purchased series of amazing and affordable products, engage in the Black Friday opportunity from Jumia, Konga, Payporte, Kaymu, (a sub-brand of Jumia,) and many other online shopping websites and many have also shopped from international website such as Amazon, Ebay.

    As an opportunist, am introducing to you , they provide you the latest gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, electric bike, headphone, earpiece, Waterproof Sport Bluetooth Earphone, Smartwatch, electric scooter, Smartband, wireless earphone, wireless chargers, accessories, clothing, furniture’s etc.

    Some online website ships their products to any part of the world within 1 – 2-months, of course, that is too much and who will even wait for them to ship so long but in the case of Gearbest, that is a different case. Their official shipping period is within 20-25 days and anything more that, will extend to 45days, which will require you to contact them.

    There are a lot of reasons why you might be interested to ditch other online shopping mall for Gearbest, one is for their subsequent flash sale deals, the website is bombard with a lot of original gadgets, you hardly look for something and don’t find it, their products are way more cheaper, fast shipping time and many more.

    Sincerely, you will love how fast Gearbest ships their products from outside to Nigeria. From the reviews, it is simple, easy, efficient and smooth, without much time. Here is the complete list of all the step by steps guide on how to ship products from Gearbest to Nigeria.

    Gearbest sign in

    First step – Create your account

    Just like any other online shopping website, you need a account, activate your account is so simple but first, just log-on to and then click Sign IN icon and then Register.
    – Enter your e-mail
    – Password and
    – Again for confirmation
    – Finally, enter the captcha code there

    The Gearbest will send you a confirmation / activation link to your email, log on to your email and click on the link to activate your account. You can also log in also using Facebook or Google.

    Second step – Search for your product

    It is as simple as it sound. After creating your account, boldly on the top of the mall, you will notice a big search bar, type in the name of the product, probably, the item you were searching for. Click on the item and open it.

    They are still many ways to look for a products

    Third step – Shipping Method

    After you may have opened your preferred item on gearbest, the next step is to set your shipping preference. But before you begin, some products are covered with FREE SHIPPING whilst others aren’t.

    – Warehouse option, select HK / China, when you select, you will notice a change in the shipping costs. So choose the most comfortable for your budgets. (Some products are only limited to one Warehouse, that means, there is no options to choose between them)
    – Select how many quantity, you’d like.
    – Color; some items are only limited with one color. You can choose your preferred color, only for others that are limited.

    Now choose your Shipping method;
    – Gearbest will automatically detect Nigeria as your location but if it fail, check it anyway. It is advisable to click on the shipping methods >> choose your country, Nigeria and then the Available shipping methods:

    a) Unregistered Air Mail takes 10-25 business days (There IS / NO estimated fee costs)
    b) Registered Air Mail takes 15-20 business days (There IS / NO estimated fee costs)
    c) Expedited Shipping such as DHL and EMS Express takes at-least 3-8 business days (You have to pay extra fee of around $60+) that is to push the goods more faster to your doorstep.

    – Lastly, click on ‘BUY NOW’ or ‘ADD TO CART’ if you are still buying.


    Fourth Step – Set your Address

    Of course, this a home delivery, Gearbest will ensure that the products ordered will arrive at their prospective customers doorstep. In order to do a fascinating Job, you need to provide them you locations.

    Every necessary details are required and they includes; First Name, Last name, E-mail address, Addresss Line 1, Address line 2, Country / Region, State / Country, City, Phone number, ZIP / Postal code.

    The ‘Address Line 2’ isn’t necessary but might be when the first Address has an error. Now on the ZIP / Postal Code bar space, type in ‘00176’ then click on Confirm to continue.

    Do you have any supposed active GB Points or Coupon code? Then scroll down to the ‘Use Coupon empty bar’ and then select the type you have and insert the coupon codes, this slashes the price down. Now click on ‘Place your Order’

    Fifth Step – Entering your Payment Method

    You will provided with a lot of available options ranging from Paypal, Interswitch, down to MasterCard (Credit card options). And you will also be provided with your Order Number something like this; 18xxxxxxxxxx18581538

    Truly the safest method to pay is thru Paypal but when there is an issue, Paypal does a very poor job at defending their clients, so the advisable method is using Credit card, preferable, MasterCard or Interswitch secure payment with your debit card.

    Choose your preferred payment method and tap on ‘Pay’ You will land on any of the method you selected and fill in the necessary details. Interswitch automatically translate the USD to Naira automatically.

    If anything goes wrong, the company offers a 45-day money guarantee due to the facts that the arranged or official shipping period is 20 – 25days. Stay cool and wait for your order, you can go ahead and track it after few hours of shipments.

    You can also make use of this Youtube video to view the step by step guide.