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How to buy Ntel data plan on Quickteller

    Ntel is obviously the first network to initiate 4G LTE connection in Nigeria and since then, all others has followed suite, MTN, Airtel, Swift, Glo, 9mobile, Spectranet and others. You can now buy Ntel data plan via online.

    Ntel changed the atmosphere of browsing and surfing the internet in Nigeria, right now, you can browse on your laptop or mobile device with 4G network! As long as your phone support Ntel band frequency!

    Fortunately, Ntel has numerous plans that support both HD Voice call and 4G LTE browsing. Starting from the Unlimited ntel data plan, daily ntel data plan, weekly ntel data plan, monthly family ntel data plan, Ntel night data plan, and there is also the Long Term Plan, known as ntel Unlimited 365 Data.

    ntel app

    Ntel has made it possible to purchase different data plan from various source, how to ntel data plan. You can buy ntel data plan on Quickteller, and other ntel official website.

    How to buy ntel data plan with Quickteller

    It is simple and efficient, you can now fund, and top up your ntel sim. All you need is your number, payment details and you are good to go. Just follow the below instructions;

    *. Go to Quickteller Ntel portal.
    *. Select the ntel bundle data plan
    *. Enter your phone number
    *. Enter your Email address
    *. Click on Continue
    *. Your name will be display
    *. Click on PAY
    *. Enter your payment details (Card number, MM/YY, CVV)
    *. Tap on PAY

    Everything is done, you can browse the internet. You can now follow the below images, for more details.

    1. Visit the above Quickteller website
    2. In the drop-down menu, choose your preferred ntel data plan

    how to buy ntel plan with quickteller

    3. There is a slight reload,
    4. Enter your phone number and your Email address and click on continue

    how to buy ntel plan with quickteller

    5. To confirm your number, your Name used during the registration will be shown there
    6. And N100 will be deducted for the transaction
    7. Click on PAY

    how to buy ntel plan with quickteller2

    8. Now enter your payment card details,
    – Card number example 4883************
    – Month and Year example 1020
    – CVV (three digit found at the back of the card) e.g 950
    After entering, click on PAY

    Then after the payment, something like this will be shown to you. Congratulations, you can browse and surf the internet on a faster network connection!

    There are several other ways on how to buy ntel data plan, it is quite simple and much more understandable.

    – Ntel Outlet: During registration, you can ask one of them. Go to your nearest ntel outlet to purchase your recharge cards.
    – Using Login with your number and you are good to go.
    – Using This is ntel mini care center, where you can check your bundle and also top up too.
    – You can also call ntel customer care on 0700 ntel live or 0700 6835 5483, email them at [email protected], for information.