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Canada is seeking for Kitchen Cleaner – See How to Apply

    The kitchen is a part of a big/small house that needs ultimate cleaning, and Canada is searching for the best Kitchen cleaners from abroad, who are looking for immigration.

    If you are looking forward to migrating to Canada and becoming one of the best Kitchen cleaners, then the opportunity is here for you. All you have to do is follow the below guidelines.

    Job Descriptions

    Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

    Salary: $14.25 to $17.00 /hour

    Required Qualifications

    1. Experience in cleaning best practices.

    2. Excellent communicator.

    3. Detail-oriented and a quick thinker.

    4. Always on time for work.

    5. Confidence when using a smartphone and navigating the internet.

    6. Ability to work a pre-assigned schedule and follow a specific work routine.

    7. Ability to work safely and comply with all Ontario Occupational Health & Safety guidelines.

    8. Access personal and public transportation to and from the workplace.

    9. Upper body strength and steady gait (lift to 25 or 50 lbs depending on position)

    10. Ability to walk the length of the building, climb stairs, and stand for several hours.

    11. Excellent dexterity.

    12. Polite, respectful, and courteous to teammates and building occupants.

    13. Negative Police Criminal Investigation Report

    Light Duty Primary Responsibilities

    1. Dusting of all surfaces using treated dust cloth and/or vacuum.

    2. Cleaning of surfaces using a microfibre cloth and general-purpose cleaning solution.

    3. Disinfecting of touchpoint surfaces using microfibre cloth and disinfectant cleaning solution.

    4. Cleaning glass and mirror surfaces using microfibre cloth and glass cleaning solution.

    5. Cleaning and polishing of stainless steel/brass fixtures.

    6. Cleaning of washroom fixtures including sinks, toilets, and urinals.

    7. Replacing consumable products (toilet paper, hand towels, hand soap, hand sanitizer, etc.) in dispensers.

    8. Spot cleaning of walls, baseboards, doors, and door frames to remove marks, dirt, smudges, and fingerprints.

    9. Vacuuming of carpeted and hard floor surfaces (including baseboards).

    10. Mopping of hard floor surfaces using the double bucket and wringer method when applicable.

    11. Emptying and relining waste containers – maintaining waste stream protocols (sorting garbage, recycling, and organics).

    12. Cleaning of small kitchens including appliances and dishes.

    13. Elevator cleaning including call buttons, panels, stainless steel, and vacuuming/cleaning of tracks on all levels. *

    14. Wash, dry, and fold laundry (this task is building-specific).

    15. Regular spot cleaning of high-traffic areas including entrances, lobbies, elevators, washrooms, lounges, etc.

    16. Attend to service requests from building operations staff.

    17. Collection of litter and debris from floor surfaces using a broom and dustpan.

    18. Spot clean hard floor surfaces in case of a spill.

    19. Maintaining storage closets in an orderly and efficient fashion.

    20. Maintaining cleaning cart orderly and efficiently – wiping clean and disposing of all waste after each shift.

    21. Performing all preventative maintenance tasks on cleaning equipment utilized during each shift.

    22. Other light cleaning tasks as required by building-specific cleaning service requirements.

    Heavy Duty Primary Responsibilities

    1. Operating motorized janitorial services equipment, including but not limited to automatic floor scrubbers, carpet extractors, floor polishers, burnishers, backpack-style vacuums, pressure washers, and grout cleaning machines (specific training to be provided).

    2. Dust mopping of hard floor surfaces using a disposable dust mop kit.

    3. Mopping of hard floor surfaces using the double bucket and wringer method when applicable.

    4. Vacuuming of carpeted and hard floor surfaces (including baseboards).

    5. Collection and transportation of building waste to designated disposal areas – maintaining waste stream protocols (sorting garbage, recycling, and organics).

    6. Pressure washing of tile surfaces.

    7. Glass cleaning using a telescopic pole, window brush, and squeegee.

    8. Maintenance of building compactor including checking bins, changing when required, rinsing clean with odor counteractant chemical.

    9. Sweeping and cleaning of compactor room floor. *

    10. Transportation of full compactor bins to waste pickup area and return of empty compactor bins to compactor room using bin moving aid or tractor (tractor operation requires specific training and operator to hold full driver’s license). *

    11. Cleaning of stairwells including dusting of railings/ledges, disinfecting railings, sweeping (or vacuuming) of stairs/landings, and mopping of stairs/landings.

    12. Other heavy cleaning tasks as required by building-specific cleaning service requirements.

    Supervisor Primary Responsibilities

    1. Supervise a team of Cleaning Specialists and coordinate cleaning activities to ensure position routines are thoroughly completed each shift.

    2. Review/inspect completed cleaning tasks and report deficiencies.

    3. Perform weekly inventory counts and receive product deliveries.

    4. Report building issues.

    5. Perform regular equipment checks and ensure machines are cared for well by self and others.

    6. Utilize an onsite mobile device to report all activities and communicate with the Company.

    7. Complete incident/injury reports as needed.

    8. Assist with training of new/covering personnel

    9. Provide additional support when cleaning tasks are being performed at slower than standard productivity rates.

    10. Regularly meet with the Operations Supervisor to discuss ongoing issues at the building.