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Too busy? ‘Can’t Talk’ app Auto replies your Whatsapp messages!

    Are you too busy doing a lot of stuffs, at work, school or whatever, the reason maybe but lets make welcome, “Can’t Talk” application that replies your Whatsapp messages!

    When you are too busy, Can’t talk application automatically replies your messages! Hey, you actually can’t get it for free too, it is available on Google Play Store!

    Can’t Talk lets you automatically respond to almost any replyable app notification, these includes messages from apps like Whatsapp, plus support for replying to SMS & missed calls too!

    It comes with a free two-week trial, after which you’ll have to fork over either INR 85 ($1.30) for a year’s subscription or INR 150 ($2.30) to unlock the lifetime plan.

    Thinking of how it works? Well, the app doesn’t customized messages on its own anyway, it needs your assistance. All you have to do is to customized the actual message you love!

    can't talk app

    After the customization, you then choose the app, you want to work with, probably Whatsapp, then whenever, someone hooks you up on the selected app when you aren’t there, it auto-replies the sender with your customized message!

    And one joy about it is that, when you are around, it notifies you silently that the task has been executed!

    Meanwhile, you can specify how long the app should wait before it auto-replies to the same sender, and it’s set to 15 minutes by default. So no, it won’t reply to every single incoming message on a group chat on its own, and you can avert that issue by increasing that time interval.