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How You can Chat with President Obama via White House Bot!

    Funny right! But the point is crystal clear. It is just simple and wise. Do you have anything to say to President Obama? If yes, then you are now free to air your decision.Currently, you can now write to President Obama via a White House Messenger bot.

    David Marcus, who is the Messenger’s VP of Product came on his facebook page today and announced a very promising development. According to his statement and we quoted him;

    “Honored to have the first-ever White House bot available today on Messenger. The President receives thousands of letters a day via email or snail mail from people all over the country asking for help, needing advice or simply just wanting to be heard. Now people can ask or tell him anything on Messenger, just as they do with friends. Get asking right away with the new White House bot for Messenger:”

    chat with obama

    The White House bot lets you send a note to the President – anything from compliments, critiques, or questions. President Obama currently reads 10 of these select messages every night and of course, it also includes traditional notes as well.

    Meanwhile, we are not yet sure if there will any response from White House, hence, we don’t guarantee of a response, but if your question is interesting enough you just might make the cut for a reply from POTUS.

    According to the white House’s Chief Digital Officer Jason Goldman says the move aims to open up opportunities for people to reach the President.

    And it’s the same reason why the @POTUS Twitter and the First Lady’s Snapchat accounts were created. So if you would like to get started with the Messenger route then CLICK HERE. You can only do this, if this is more convenient for you!