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Cheap Bulk SMS in Nigeria – Bulk SMS Marketing Service Providers

    Bulk SMS in Nigeria is quite easier to comprehend, all thanks to the Internet and its wide-range of opportunity and productivity, users on the web has understand how the service work and its functionality.

    Are you looking for the best bulk SMS marketing services in Nigeria, that will allow you to send free mass text messages to a selected group of personals. The best SMS marketing services allows you to communicate with your customers easily, efficient and faster.

    Today, we will list the top best working bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria. Sending instant SMS / text messages to wide-broad spectrum of people is much more easier, it allows you to connect with your followers, users, business partners and many more.

    What is Bulk SMS Service?

    The idealism of bulk SMS is quite large, but in short terms, Bulk SMS is the platform of delivering SMS instantaneously to more than one phone number, especially hundreds of phone numbers both locally and internationally at a cheaper rate.

    Bulk SMS in Nigeria service makes it possible for you to send a lot of SMS to thousands of people at a very cheap price. Bulk SMS has wide-range of importance in Nigeria, using Bulk SMS to send messages to your clients, partners, business associate is actually Simple.

    Most people aren’t on the internet, that is one of the important of using Bulk SMS, NOT considering the world wide web ‘Internet’ A lot of people still thinks that using social media platform and messaging app like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, will reduce the use of Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nigeria. But that is not the fact and completely FALSE!

    Bulk SMS is widely used across the globe to distribute a high volume of text messages to telephone subscribers. Bulk SMS is rated as the most effective means of passing across information. It has been established that more than 95% of bulk SMS text messages sent are opened.

    How does Bulk SMS Service Work?

    When sending text messages on our feature / Smartphone, there is the option of choosing more than one number, -which can be related to Bulk SMS. But it works separately, the more numbers you choose, the higher the cost per message to a single number.

    For instance, sending a single message to any MTN number costs N4, and another page, add another money. If your clients or business partner total number is 1000, the costs per unit is N4, calculates 4 x 1000, it is 4000. But when using Bulk SMS service, it will costs 0.85 kobo per unit to 1000 members, which is N850.

    Understand that different service providers, display their own prices for a limited number of people. The higher the number of people, the cheaper the costs. That means, if the number of people is smaller, then the price per unit will definitely be higher.

    bulk sms service provider

    How to pay for Bulk SMS service

    Remember that the major difference between the Bulk SMS website service providers in Nigeria is their package pricing. Paying for the bulk SMS service package is easier, as the payment can be completed via online / internet / mobile banking.

    To make payment, you are advised to fund your account through Mastercard, Visa, ATM, Verve or over the counter deposit payment, after which you will be assisted in setting up your own reseller account. And also, these websites allows you to create your own reseller website so you can sell SMS units at your own price and at a cheaper rate.

    So many banks in Nigeria offer internet banking, and if that doesn’t go well. There is the mobile USSD code, which can be use for transfer from bank account to another account.

    Business partners, clients aren’t the one that makes use of Bulk SMS in Nigeria, religious centers such as Churches also make use of it to distributes ongoing and latest news / messages surrounding the church. For instant, my church uses it to wish our members happy new month etc. Below are the best cheap bulk SMS service provider websites in Nigeria:

    Looking for a profound bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria, you can easily try out Smsmobile24. The company ensures seamless service opportunity and the pricing is quite considerable, and there is the option of sending to over thousands of people.

    Smsmobile24 also offers some incentive cheaper price for VIP users, but the other normal users will have to pay the usual price. The pricing for VIP members is 0.79 kobo for all amount of people starting from 500 units to 10,000,000 Units.

    But the the normal users pricing is separated:

    – 500 – 999 Units costs 0.97 kobo/SMS
    – 1,000 – 999,999 Units costs 0.85 kobo/SMS
    – 1,000,000 – 5,999,999 Units costs 0.79 kobo/SMS
    – 6,000,000 – 9,999,999 Units costs 0.75 kobo/SMS
    – 10,000,000 Units – Upward costs 0.65 kobo/SMS

    Looking from the pricing aspect, the VIP members offers 0.79 for all numbers of people, including 10,000,000 Units and upwards but normal pricing is stake at 0.65 for the same amount of people. Your choice!

    Goldsms247 is another satisfying Bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria, the company like others, specializes in wide range of activities such as; Introduction of new business, Awareness of latest stocks, Opening of new outlets, Events, Alerts etc.

    The pricing is quite okay and considerable in Nigeria but despite the insanely cheaper costs per SMS unit, Smsmobile24 still offer economical price for higher numbers of people.

    – 500 to 2,999 SMS = N0.88 per Unit of SMS
    – 3,000 to 999,999 SMS = N0.85 per unit of SMS
    – 1,000,000 to 4,999,999 SMS = N0.82 per unit of SMS
    – 5,000,000 to 9,999,999 SMS = N0.79 per unit of SMS
    – 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 SMS = N0.76 per unit of SMS

    However, the starting prices is quite attractive, they offer N0.88 kobo from 500 unit to 3000 units, that is amusing. Choosing Goldsms247 as your Bulk SMS service provider depends on your action and way of seeing it. Your Choice!

    Searching for a fast, reliable and very affordable bulk messaging in Nigeria? You can try out Bulksmsnigeria, the company allows their customers to send SMS text messages to a range of networks in each country. The company provide free and Premium Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria and across the world. Signing up, gives you 50 FREE BULK SMS units.

    That means, they aren’t based only in Nigeria, as they send messages to over 600 networks worldwide. One special feature they poses, is the ability to deliver messages to all active numbers, including DND numbers.

    The company provides attractive incentives but lets get to know their official prices:
    – 251 – 2,512 units costs ₦1.99/SMS
    – 2,564 – 25,640 units costs ₦1.95/SMS
    – 26,315 – 52,631 units costs ₦1.90/SMS
    – 54,054 – 270,269 units costs ₦1.85/SMS
    – 277,777 – 555,555 units costs ₦1.80/SMS
    – 571,428 – 5,714,285 units costs ₦1.75/SMS
    – 6,250,000 – 31,249,999 units costs ₦1.60/SMS

    The pricing looks expensive but looking at the company’s T&C, offers, I think they are worth the expenses. And after all, they can messages to SIM that has DND activation. This is one thing other competitors are failing to do. Your Choice!

    Bulk SMS service providers are pulling weights in Nigeria, they are lot of websites that supports the motive but when it come to looking for the cheapest Bulk SMS Website In Nigeria, there will you find Netbulksms.

    They provide a standard platform to allow clients to quickly deploy any SMS service. This includes SMS alerts, SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services, etc. They deliver instant messages to all their customers, and offer 5% bonus on your first purchase.

    – 263 – 49,999 unit costs ₦1.90/SMS
    – 50,000 and above units costs ₦1.80/SMS

    The price per unit is somewhat costly, but you can check them out and confirm for yourself. Choosing them depends on your list of expectation, numbers of targeted people and many more. Although, they can also send to other countries. Your Choice!

    Do you want to send bulk messages in different languages, you can go for Smartsmssolutions! The company specializes in sending wide-range of messages to different mobile phone numbers, and they are quite responsive with their services.

    The company Bulk SMS gateway is really incredible, and you can send messages via different portals, which includes website, desktop application, mobile application or without the internet. They boasts of offering the most affordable SMS pricing plan in Nigeria starting at N1.75 and for as low as N1.45/SMS and we deliver to all GSM at networks at 1 unit/SMS.

    But Smartsmssolutions is quite understandable, and targets clients starting from 1 users, unlike other companies that the minimum unit of 500 but they don’t. There is no minimum unit, as you can buy as low as 1 unit of SMS. The pricing starts from:

    – 1 – 4,999 units costs N1.75/SMS
    – 5,000 – 9,999 units costs N1.70/SMS
    – 10,000 – 19,999 units costs N1.65/SMS
    – 20,000 – 49,999 units costs N1.60/SMS
    – 50,000 – 99,999 units costs N1.55/SMS
    – 100,000 – 499,999 units costs N1.50/SMS
    – 500,000 units upwards cost N1.45/SMS

    Although, others also offer minimum unit of 200, but the starting from 1 person, is quite impressive and accepted. However, they aimed at being the best cheap bulk sms provider with their whooping discount, for instance, 1-4999 costs N1.70/SMS, whereby 1.70 x 4999 gives you N8748.25 but they take N8,499 for the same package. Your Choice!

    Nigeria changing and leading bulk SMS providers are spread all over the country but bulksmsnigeria is something else entirely. The company aims at clients who are interested in build a handful audience with their members.

    Their bulk sms interface is extremely simple yet effective, simple, average and offers unlimited use. You might be amazed, but they look much like the cheapest bulk SMS price list ever in Nigeria. Thankfully, their payment methods are simple and automatic.

    Their packages and prices includes:

    – 500 – 9,999 costs 2.50 / SMS
    – 10,000 – 99,999 costs 2.00 / SMS
    – 100,000 – 499,999 costs 1.90 / SMS
    – 500,000 – 999,999 costs 1.80 / SMS
    – 1,000,000 and Above costs 1.70 / SMS

    The packages includes starter, standard, business, premium and mega premium. Like most similar companies above, the amount of people or members radically affects the pricing of the packages. But having the mega premium 1M members is big and large, which is somehow hard to get, depending on your audience and members. Your Choice!

    Like usual, this particular company is claiming to be the most affordable bulk SMS provider in Nigeria, where you can easily register, and send fast and instant bulk SMS via their platform to your awaiting audience.

    MyCheapBulkSMS is reliable, you can send specifically from your PC, your BulkSMS web account, phone etc. The uses of cheap bulk SMS is plentiful, and the company targets 95% of the features. The package pricing includes:

    – 1 Units – 50000 Units costs ₦1.70 / SMS
    – 50001 Units – 100000 Units costs ₦1.60 / SMS
    – 100001 Units – 999999 Units costs ₦1.50 / SMS

    One of the major characteristics of MyCheapbulkSMS over others, is the inclusion of 1 units, most average companies out there, don’t support this particular motion. However, the rates are quite affordable and the reviews from google users rounds it up for them. Your Choice!

    Cheapestbulksmsinnigeria looks affiliated to Smsmobile24, and they offer quite similar pricing to their packages but unfortunately, this company pricing is much more affordable and budgeted than any other on the internet.

    They also offer packages for VIP members and Usual members, the pricing for the VIP members includes 0.72 kobo / SMS for 500 – 10,000,000 SMS – Upward. Below is the pricing for Usual members:

    – 500 – 999 SMS costs 0.88 kobo / SMS
    – 1000 -10,000,000 SMS – Upward costs 0.76 kobo / SMS

    You will agree with me that the price here is economically friendly and encouraging. Using this company service doesn’t distrust the use of other internet websites packages but like usual, Your Choice!

    Another bulk sms service provider in Nigeria is Ebulksms, they offer insanely services. To be considered as cheap bulk sms service provider is surprisingly. Where they offer N3 / SMS for 33 to 333 SMS unit. Oh no, am not buying that.

    However, the company’s website is well organized, on the homepage, they offered an SMS price calculator, where you can calculate the number of SMS units and know the amount to pay. Lets look at their pricing:

    – 33 -333 costs N3 / SMS
    – 500 – 9,999 costs ₦2 / SMS
    – 10,000 – 999,999 costs ₦1.90 / SMS
    – 1,000,000 – 9,999,999 costs ₦1.80 / SMS
    – 10,000,000 – 99,999,999 costs ₦1.75 / SMS
    – 100,000,000 and above costs ₦1.70 / SMS

    The settings of their website is sumptuous and classic, whereby, you can schedule SMS, download delivery reports of all send messages, online backup of numbers, auto-removal of duplicate numbers and many more. But the packages prices are premium and high end. Anyways, Your Choice!

    Looking for a premium bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria, that offers naturalistic discounts and offers. Say hello to Nigerianbulksms, they can’t be classified as cheap bulk sms Nigeria but services are well dignified!

    The company’s pricing are much like Bulksmsnigeria:

    – 500 – 9,999 costs 2.50 / SMS
    – 10,000 – 99,999 costs 2.00 / SMS
    – 100,000 – 499,999 costs 1.90 / SMS
    – 500,000 – 999,999 costs 1.80 / SMS
    – 1,000,000 and Above costs 1.70 / SMS

    But they claim that, the Do Not Disturb (DND) issue has been resolved, whereby, all members of the units who have activated the DND mode, can still receive the messages. And you send message to over 210 countries in the world via their platform! Your Choice!

    Amusingly, almost all the internet based websites companies are promisingly a comprehensive, undermining and solid rock foundation of their service. But you are advised to test their service first before adding the numerous numbers of your group, business organizations, or members of Church.

    However, most of the above companies that specialized in cheap bulk sms Nigeria brings out the best service among others, while the remaining ones are frustrating. But ensure that you pay the required unit of amount to the company bank account.

    cheap bulk sms in nigeria

    How to save bulk SMS number and messages

    This is an important, essential note too everyone out there, who want to make use of cheap bulk sms service provider websites in Nigeria:

    Please understand that this websites uses Joomla platform,(it is a free and open-source content management system for publishing web content). Meanwhile Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are not Joomla friendly. Henceforth, you are advised to type both recipients’ numbers and the exact text message directly on the compose page or use NOTEPAD to type everything. Then copy them and paste each of them in the appropriate box.

    – Your RECIPIENT NUMBERS must be separated with the use of comma(,) to ensure perfect delivery.
    – Don’t USE GSM NUMBER as sender I.D
    – For typing phone numbers, you must make USE OF NOTEPAD (txt file).
    – For typing messages, you must USE NOTEPAD (txt). or typed directly on the website “COMPOSE SMS” page.

    How to send cheap bulk SMS in Nigeria

    Note that the follow steps can differs according to the website. Henceforth, if the steps doesn’t match the website’s guidelines, you are advised to follow theirs.

    – First of all, register for a bulk SMS account
    – Log in with your account details
    – Purchase your required unit of bulk SMS
    – Within few minutes, your account will be credited
    – Log in and click on “COMPOSE SMS”
    – Enter the eleven characters of the sender ID
    – Paste the recipients numbers in the box
    – Now compose the message to be sent
    – After composing, recheck and click on “SEND SMS”

    Some websites offers you the privileged of testing their service, where you can easily send a page of SMS to your very own single GSM number. Please, test it out! Probably, if your members or audience aren’t many, you can try it with them first!

    Note: We are NOT affiliated with any of the above bulk sms service provider website.

    Note: Anyways, note that the prices are different and might change within a stipulated amount of time. We advised that, you check the bulk SMS service provider website to confirm the recent prices. But we will endeavor to update the article with the current prices.