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Chrome OS to support Split-Screen with Android apps Soon

    We might be having the new Chrome OS split-screen feature enabler coming to Android Smartphones. On the upcoming update to the Chrome 66, we hope that the Chrome OS Split Screen Mode will Soon Work with Android Apps Too.

    This is not an entirely new feature for Chrome OS, since you can use split-screen windows in tablet mode. And also, on Android Phones, you can also split-screen on Android Nougat too.

    The split-screen mode and support for simultaneously active Android apps now in Chrome OS, it makes sense that Google would combine the two together to bring true Android app multitasking to the operating system.

    chrome os split screen

    This is according to the XDA Developers , that discovered that the Chrome OS split-screen will eventually work with Android apps as well, whether you are in desktop or tablet mode.

    The new update that shows Android apps running in the background, the updated split-screen feature should allow for the level of productivity and multi-tasking that Chrome OS can greatly benefit from.

    In addition to it, we have no idea when split-screen for Android apps will arrive, as the commit was discovered a day or two ago, and Google has said nothing about what to expect in the next Chrome OS update.