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Circle Pay has officially shuts down its service

    If you are using Circle Pay as your only means of sending and receiving payments, then you really have to change and find another similar payment app or platform.

    Today, we are sad to announce that Circle Pay is dead. They have officially shuts down, and they have made the announcements on their Twitter handle.

    For starters, Circle Pay allows you to send friends money like you send anything else — easy and free — whether they’re in the same room or a different country.

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    The Circle Pay mobile and web apps will start the process of discontinuing its functionality, as well as support, for all worldwide customers on 8 July 2019.

    Please understand that this change affects only the Circle Pay app, not other Circle products. However, after the prescribed end date, the only option available to customers is to withdraw any remaining funds from their Circle Pay account to their card or bank account.

    They said “Circle believes that the future of finance will be built on open blockchain technology and that global payments will become reality through fiat tokens and stablecoins such as USD Coin (USDC)”.

    Via their Twitter handle, they said “As previously announced, Circle will distribute Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV holdings to eligible customers who held a Bitcoin balance with Circle Pay at the time of the fork. Users will have until the end of September to withdraw their Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.”

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    They have officially shuts down, and everyone who has any form of payment partnership with Circle Pay, including personal and business are greatly affected.

    Meanwhile, Circle Invest, Poloniex and SeedInvest customers are not affected by these changes. Even their apps on Google and itunes will soon be taken down.