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Codemoji helps to send a message to a Friend by Encoding it with emoji

    It is fun using the Codemoji; Codemoji teaches you about ciphers, it also helps to create and share messages with your friends using fun emoji. The Codemoji was officially introduced by Mozilla.

    Using the Mozilla owned -Codemoji and you are a user, then you can now write a message, Encode it with emoji and then send it to a friend. If encryption was too dry a topic before for you to fully dive in and understand, Codemoji wants to help by making it fun — with emoji.

    Mozilla introduces Codemoji to teach kids encryption basics. It is fun using the Codemoji. Although, the main importance of Codemoji is to show you how the typical encryption process works. You type a message in ‘plaintext’ (standard letters and numbers), encode it using a cipher (code), and then decrypt the coded, nonsensical version on the other end using an encryption key.

    According to Mark Surman, Mozilla’s Executive Director:

    “When more people understand how encryption works and why it’s important to them, more people can stand up for encryption when it matters most. This is crucial: Currently, encryption is being threatened around the world. From France to Australia to the UK, governments are proposing policies that would harm user security by weakening encryption. And in the U.S., the FBI recently asked Apple to undermine the security of its own products.”

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