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CyanogenMod is going – Let’s make welcome to Lineage Android

    It is time to say Goodbye to CyanogenMod because it is going and lets make welcome to Lineage Android. Well, it was said in a post on the official CyanogenMod blog, we’re told that the current state of everything Cyanogen means it’s no longer feasible to continue and that the best path forward requires change.

    Hence, nobody should be surprised after recent events within the Cyanogen Inc. parent company and today’s announcement that it has reached the end of the road and will shut down operations.

    Servers and infrastructure are going to soon disappear, nobody is at the helm to direct the way forward and the very name Cyanogen itself is available to the right bidder. CyanogenMod depended on Cyanogen, Inc. A void at the very top isn’t going to work.


    However, CM has always been more than the name and more than the infrastructure. CM has been a success based on the spirit, ingenuity and effort of its individual contributors – back when it was Kondik in his home, to the now thousands of contributors past and present.

    In a Short sentence; What is CyanogenMod?

    CyanogenMod is a custom version of the Android operating system. It’s here to offer a ‘better’ version than Google can provide, with more features and more control for the hardcore user.

    Lineage Android will use everything that CM has made to build a better grassroots alternative to the software from phone manufacturers. Even more important than the code and assorted software eight years of CM has built is the spirit of people who want to make something different and better. And it lives on under a new name with a new future.