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Dealdey shuts down! Another e-commerce website goes down

    Dealdey shuts down! Finally, one of the most aspiring ecommerce platform in Nigeria has shut down and right now, they have ceased to work.

    Before the official shut down, the ecommerce platform has STOPPED answering calls, emails and become short of what people had expected.

    Sorry to say this, but dealDey becomes the latest Nigerian online business to crash. Of course, they are not the first to shut down in Nigeria.

    Others includes, OLX, Kwese Satelite, Zoto, Efritin etc. In 2018, they were bunch of company that had to shut down increasingly.

    When you visit the website, all the deals will NOT be displayed. Right now, everything on website redirects to its homepage. Click on anything, page, deals, or whatever, it will redirects.

    They last posted on the 5th of December 2018, and they haven’t been answering comments on their page. It is not cool, but they have closed!

    Closed Shut Down

    According to users ranting on twitter, the company is no longer working, and they have confirmed that, the official website redirects to “Promohub” (it didn’t happen over here),

    About Dealdey

    DealDey is an e-commerce platform that features daily deals on the best things to do, see, eat, and buy in Nigeria.
    DealDey Founder, Sim Shagaya launched this platform in 2011.

    After the shut down, this is just 2 years after being acquired by Rinigier Africa Deals Group (RADG) for $5 million or more.

    Sim Shagaya is also the current Chairman of Konga, who started DealDey in 2011, Sim left to start Konga in 2012. It is devatasting at times.

    Ringier started operations in Nigeria with as its flagship brand focusing on news and entertainment content targeted at youths. Silvertree has expertise in eCommerce.