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How to Delete Your Facebook Profile Account after Death!

    It is more painful for the close connections of a deceased person because it is hard to fill that vacant space in their lives. It is very obvious that most people spend their 10-15hours on Internet everyday, though, it is not that bad because we are in Technology Age.

    Anyway, today, I will be giving you a simple step by steps guide on how to Delete your Facebook Account, once you are dead. Hey, don’t believe that you will die first before coming back to delete it.

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    Probably, they are many other ways to delete your Facebook Account after death. You won’t come back to delete it but you pass a standard instructions to your friends, relatives, families, that once you are dead, they should delete your account and trust me, nobody disobeys the dead-man wish.


    As we all known, Facebook is the most popular social networking site, where you can update your status by typing your current situation there, chat with friends, get to know more people, try to feel a lot happy than ever etc

    Hence, as it is the most popular social website, it has appropriate options which allow a deceased person’s Facebook profile to be memorialized – the ones with Remembering written – after getting a request from a verified person.

    And before the account can be deleted, a proof of death is required to confirm the awful incidents.

    A friend or a family member can either initiate,

    A Memorialization Request
    An account deletion by a special request for a deceased person’s account:

    And yes, a person can select Legacy Contacts for their Facebook account. Legacy contact can do basic tasks – once the account has been memorialized – like writing a pinned post, respond to friend requests, and update the profile picture and cover photo.

    However, they can not Login into the memorialized account, change any other information, read chats with other friends, etc. If there is no Legacy Contact attached to an account, no one will be able to make any changes. Now, lets get started.

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    Guidelines on How to Auto Delete Your Facebook account after your death

    If you don’t want to undergo this process, it is not a problem actually, because statistics shows that more than quarter of the people on Facebook are dead, that means, they are not alive.

    But then, if you don’t want to keep your Facebook account alive after your death you can get it deleted automatically after you pass away. Are you ready, then lets get started;

    *. I am assure, you are already signed-in to your Facebook account.
    *. Secondary, Click the down arrow near button. Something like this;


    *. Thirdly, Click Settings in the drop-down menu.
    *. Fourthly, on the left-hand side click Security.
    *. Then, Click Legacy Contact.


    *. Click Request account deletion. Something like this will show on your screen;


    Do you really want to do this? Well, it is your choice and your account. And be very much aware that Facebook will delete your account including all the data present in it after someone notifies them about your death.

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