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Tired of the Internet? Delete Yourself Now by Pressing Here!

    Most times, most people are tired of some things but the problem there is that they don’t know how to get away with what they have already entered.

    It is no doubt that the Internet is a beautiful place and at the same time, a place of greed, horrible, a lot of terrible things happen there.

    Likewise with the internet. Most people are tired of the internet but they are unable to leave it and move ahead with their life. That’s why we look for the possible solution to that.



    But before CLICKING on that button. I really mean it, before clicking on it, you have to take one time decision. After taking that decision, try confirming it also try to confirm it once again before you move ahead to that BUTTON.

    Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck created, which offers a way to wipe your entire existence off the internet in a few clicks.

    So when logging into the website with a Google account it scans for apps and services you’ve created an account for, and creates a list of them with easy delete links.


    So note that on every account it finds, gets paired with an easy delete link pointing to the unsubscribe page for that service. Within in a few clicks you’re freed from it, and depending on how long you need to work through the entire list, you can be account-less within the hour.

    Hence, if you’re getting tired of social media and internet-induced stress in general, it’s the quickest way to get back to your normal Grand-parent state of No_Internet!

    Well, to be sincere, deleting yourself from the internet doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Trust me! So the question still remains, are you going to Delete yourself or what? Go ahead and share this to your online friends.